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Mercury Mischief

During June Mercury, planet of travel and communication opposes Saturn, bringer of obstacles. How can you avoid misunderstandings, delays and blocks to your progress?



You know you can be a little impatient but jumping to conclusions could be your downfall now. It could be so easy to bark up the wrong tree. The guidance you get, from Satnavs to instruction leaflets can be misleading.
GET IT STRAIGHT by taking an extra minute to reflect. Question the accuracy of everything, but don’t lose faith in your core beliefs. Superficial confusion doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path completely.


Being a practical person, you know the value of money, but wise decisions about spending and saving might not come so easily now. It might be hard to figure out who owns what, and you could be manipulated or blocked.
GET IT STRAIGHT by being honest with yourself over what you owe/don’t owe. Read the small print and don’t be guilt-tripped. Make sure you can afford any gifts you splash on – it’s great to be generous as long as it’s yours to give.


Up and down, here and there, you love to move around and to you variety is the spice of life. Other people standing in your way can drive you crazy – why are they so slow and stick-in-the-mud? Sometimes you feel like screaming….
GET IT STRAIGHT by squaring up to your obligations and getting them out of the way. You will feel much more free if you’ve done what’s expected of you rather than ducking and diving. Inventiveness spent on excuses can then be used creatively.



Memories, repressed feelings and those little fears and insecurities we all get at times can now interfere with your efficiency. One thing leads to another until you may get in a flap and believe you can’t get anything right. Eek!

GET IT STRAIGHT with a little self-analysis. Don’t let past experiences and conditioning wear you down. Be kind to yourself, sleep well, eat well and get walks in the fresh air to clear your mind.



Are your friends misunderstanding you on purpose? Are they out to steal your thunder? You enjoy boosting other people but when you don’t get credit for your own talents it can be frustrating and disappointing.
GET IT STRAIGHT by working hard at the things you’re good at and when you want to impress be clear with yourself what you’re trying to achieve. Only your first-class actions will get Brownie points but it’ll be worth the effort.


Home and family place considerable demands on you now, meaning you sometimes cut corners at work. This isn’t like you, and it may make you rattled and on edge, leading to more mix-ups and stress.
GET IT STRAIGHT by managing your time properly. Maybe you’ve prioritized your career and now need to spend quality time with loved ones? You can get it right with some sound planning and self-discipline.


The gypsy in your soul is calling to you, but whenever you try to plan a getaway, you’re stymied by snags and delays. Should you abandon new experiences, and get on with more serious stuff, like training courses, computing skills etc?
GET IT STRAIGHT by combining the two. For instance what about studying abroad, or learning something that’s useful yet  stimulating? You can be educated and fascinated at the same time.


Funds are limited yet you’re teased by schemes and dreams of transforming your fortunes. You keep analyzing the situation – surely there’s something you’re missing? There may be a matter you’re yearning to investigate, but you don’t have the resources.
GET IT STRAIGHT with the simple realization that money is energy, and energy is influenced by the powers of your mind. Lose that poverty-consciousness, see yourself as rich and that’s all the transformation you’ll need.


There’s a bit of a cloud hanging over you of late, and people you would have hoped might improve this are making it worse for you. Negative comments and criticism – you could do without it and it’s bringing you down.
GET IT STRAIGHT by squaring up to reality. Okay, some things you may be getting wrong but others you are not. Facing your faults will make you surer of your virtues so hold your head high.


You know you should be looking after your health and fitness but something’s always stopping you. Plans to exercise are spoilt by other people’s demands, good diet resolutions slip at parties – and you don’t even want to be there!
GET IT STRAIGHT by realising sometimes you’re being manipulated and your first duty is to yourself. Decide on what you want to do – even write it down so it enters your subconscious – and have plenty of excuses ready to help you stick to it.


Your social group is placing heavy demands on you. When it comes to friends you are always loyal and helpful, but isn’t this taking it too far? You’re full of plans to express your creativity, but not enough personal space. 
GET IT STRAIGHT by giving in to the mischievous child within and telling the occasional white lie, so you have time to play. If you make good choices and focus you can really express your talents now.


You’re feeling ambitious and you want to make your mark ‘out there’ even if it involves a lot of hard work. But those close to you are nit-picking and nagging so you can’t call your time your own.  Sometimes you feel like heading for the hills…..
GET IT STRAIGHT by attending to basic domestic details first. You’ll feel much more free if your home is clean, shopping done and all those little chores off your mind. Then you’re flying.



Advice from the stars is always helpful, but for those trying times in life something more personal is what you need. If you’re feeling down and confused, don’t struggle with this on your own. A helping hand is always available with practical and inspirational advice from our Readers. Put in a call and be uplifted.

PUBLISHED: 20 June 2017
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