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Your Stars For The Month Ahead May

A lively month ahead – your feet will hardly touch the ground but you should have enough energy to find this exciting rather than draining.  Lots of interesting news comes through.
AVOID over-committing and speaking without thinking.
FOCUS ON contacting old friends and partying with new ones.

The folding stuff is always important to your peace of mind and now you can be extra-resourceful.  Money-making and investment schemes come thick and fast, along with retail options.
AVOID signing anything without a cooling-off period.
FOCUS ON streamlining, and cutting expenditure.
You’re totally on the ball, able to think on your feet, with lots going on around you – and you’ve got tabs on it all.  Make this count by getting some important matters sorted.
AVOID flitting here and there and getting little done
FOCUS ON saying something you’ve been wanting to say - carefully.
It may be hard to keep your mind on what’s going on because intrusive thoughts and memories spoil your concentration.  They don’t matter, so be strong.  Do not be sidetracked.
AVOID bottling out – your fears are self-generated.
FOCUS ON helping a friend – it will keep things in perspective.
Everyone seems to want your advice and, you being you, you’re happy to give it.  You can gain a lot of respect, but don’t get carried away because you may not know all the facts.
AVOID mouthing off and playing to the gallery.
FOCUS ON your area of expertise – be well-informed.
You can make your mark now, so forget that false modesty and strut your stuff.  Say what matters to the people that matter and be proud of yourself.
AVOID scattering energies trying to do everything perfectly.
FOCUS ON the obvious and impressive.
This is a fabulous month for adventure and you should be just in the mood.  Try something new.  Play with some ideas, pore over brochures and make some exciting plans.
AVOID over-thinking.  Having fun is a simple matter.
FOCUS ON keeping an open mind, and your options open too.
You’ve never been a coward when it comes to facing difficult stuff, but don’t create problems out of nothing.  Speak clearly of your emotions, and you’ll get clarity about others’ feelings, too.
AVOID suspicions, subterfuge and the under-hand.
FOCUS ON asking straight questions about deep issues.
Relationships will involve you in discussions and a bit of self-analysis.  Are you up for it?  You need to understand yourself before you can connect with anyone else.
AVOID side-stepping and manipulating.
FOCUS ON honesty mixed with sensitivity.
Make some creative adjustments to your routine.  Just because you’ve been doing something for – like – ever, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.  Be imaginative.
AVOID faffing over unimportant details.
FOCUS ON getting rid of anything that wastes time or space.
Do you tell yourself you don’t care what others think?  Go too far with that and you could miss some wonderful chances in May.  Speak up, step forward, enjoy the applause.
AVOID being solitary.  There’s nothing wrong with it, just not right now.
FOCUS ON partying, romance and showing your talents.
You don’t have to go far to enjoy this month’s lightness and brightness.  Home and family will keep you busy.  Make sure demands on you are not too heavy and that you are fulfilled rather than frazzled.
AVOID trying to sort out relatives’ problems.
FOCUS ON being cheery, chatty and positive.


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