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The May Birthstone


What is the birthstone for May and why is it famous for its qualities of love, patience and psychic enhancement? The May birthstone is the beautiful emerald…


What is the birthstone for May? The May birthstone is the exquisite Emerald. This beautiful green stone is specific to springtime and corresponds with a time of rebirth and regrowth. The May birthstone colour is believed to bring the owner good fortune, strong intuition and youth. The emerald birthstone is a symbol of nature, a vivid green which dazzles in the light and portrays eternal life and long-lasting love.





Now we know what stone is the birthstone for May, let’s understand why it is known as such a special and precious stone. The emerald gets its name from the French ‘Esmeraude’ and the English word ‘Emeraude’ which, correlating to the May birthstone colour, means green gem. It is often given as a gift to celebrate 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. The stone is now mined in Colombia, Russia, Zambia, Madagascar, India and many more locations around the world. The Egyptians used to engrave the emerald birthstone with the symbol for foliage, which represented eternal youth, and they were believed to bury the stones with the dead. They mined emeralds in the desert 2000 years before Cleopatra was born. When Cleopatra reigned, she claimed the emerald mines as this beautiful birthstone was her favourite gem. It is believed that the ancient Romans connected the emerald with rebirth, renewal, goodness and fertility and devoted it to the goddess of love and beauty, Venus, who brought powerful love and fertility. The Conquistadors found the finest emeralds, and the mines they discovered in Colombia are still producing the best emeralds today.
It symbolises hope and growth for the future and is also known for revealing the truth




The beautiful emerald has earned its acknowledgement for the month of May in spring due to its association with rebirth, renewal and fertility. The May birthstone colour is believed to represent youth in men and women and nurtures the heart chakra. It symbolises hope and growth for the future and is also known for revealing the truth. The May birthstone meaning stands for compassion, harmony and justice for the life of the owner. It is called the ‘stone of successful love’ because it’s soothing energy gives healing, inspiration, patience and unconditional love. Some well-known healing properties of the emerald birthstone are as follows:

  • Promotes friendship and understanding
  • Balances relationships in the home, bringing domestic bliss
  • Provides loyalty and security in love relationships
  • Known for enhancing own intuition, psychic abilities, vision and inspiration
  • Improves memory, mental clarity and wisdom
  • Brings protection, increases intent and focus
  • The birthstone of unconditional love, often a gift in marriage

Unconditional love, faithfulness, successful and lasting love…




The emerald birthstone for May is one of the most romantic gems. It is said to bring success in love, faithfulness, eternal and lasting love. It is often presented as a gift for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary and the belief that it brings long-lasting love seals the approval of romantic couples. By tradition the emerald birthstone is worn to bring patience, wisdom and rebirth. These are all important qualities for any lifetime relationship. The emerald heals and stimulates the heart chakra, keeps partnerships in balance and connects the physical, emotional and mental consciousness. The fact that this May birthstone has a strong influence on unity and friendship, means that it brings an enhanced feeling of unconditional love. The birthstone for May has many healing talents, meaning that this beautiful stone does not only promote pure love but it also heals emotional hurts.





The May birthstone is not only known as the ‘stone of successful love’, it is believed to enhance and develop psychic abilities. The May birthstone colour of green opens up clairvoyance (seeing with your mind’s eye) and brings awareness of the unknown to the conscious recognition. It develops intuition by bringing mental clarity, awareness and the promotion of the truth. It is renowned for the May birthstone meaning to inspire the soul to understand and recognise a deep knowing or inner truth. In fact, many psychics use the emerald birthstone for protection during their psychic work.





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PUBLISHED: 2 May 2016



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