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Reach For The Stars Mars Square Neptune May 2017

Mars, planet of action, in square aspect to dreamy Neptune, is a challenge to all of us to make our dreams a reality. What should you aim for this month? Follow our sign-by-sign guide.



Being free of old baggage and any negative thinking that holds you back – wouldn’t that be great? It might not seem flashy or impressive, but you can free some internal blocks this month and dump feelings like guilt, jealousy and suspicion. How? By talking about them. A little self-analysis and someone to unburden to will be a big step towards a more meaningful life. 
YOUR DREAM TICKET communication. Find out about the things that matter to you.


A poet once wrote ‘no man is an island’ and you’ll find out how important a community spirit is to your feeling of well-being. Being part of something wider than just yourself makes you feel that wonderful things are possible. And if you believe that to be the case it is the case. Make three wishes, one for you, one for your friends and one for the world – abracadabra!
YOUR DREAM TICKET generosity. Use your resources for the good of all, to rebound on you.


Your aims, particularly in your career or public image, seem to be always in front of your eyes. Making an impression, having a little authority maybe, flashing some status symbols – lovely thought. So be aware of your assets and not afraid to push yourself forwards when you have a chance because shrinking violets rarely win the flower show.
YOUR DREAM TICKET hard work and lots of drive. Get out of the back seat – now!


The gypsy in your soul is calling you and you long to travel, to be immersed in other cultures, exotic and remote places and maybe learn about different forms of spirituality. You’re vividly aware that there’s so much for you to experience. Even close to home there is history to be uncovered and you have an urge to explore. You don’t know where to start……
YOUR DREAM TICKET is your power to empathise and understand. Don’t be afraid of schmoozing those who can help.


Deep within you feel the impulse to radical change. This may be about relationships, your sexuality, property you share with another or something purely person like your attitudes to life, death and the purpose of it all. Can you create a new ‘you’? The answer is yes, but it takes courage and some things you think important may have to go.
YOUR DREAM TICKET is helpful groups of friends and your own power to wish hard.


You’ve long had an ideal in your mind of the perfect relationship where you can be swept off in a romantic cloud by someone who ticks all the boxes. It’s within your grasp but you need to smarten up your image and put in lots of effort. In an established relationship, be clear and positive. Never forget it takes two to tango.
YOUR DREAM TICKET is your pragmatic approach, so don’t lose yourself in La La Land.


Beautiful body, healthy mind, exercise and diet all sorted – your high standards do you credit, but aren’t you expecting rather a lot? Be careful you don’t push yourself too hard and that you don’t become just a little obsessive. With the right balance you can be in glowing health now, and also enjoying life.
YOUR DREAM TICKET is remembering the spiritual is more important than the physical. It will make you radiant.


You can be a little shy but secretly you’re longing to be noticed, to be admired and appreciated for your talents and abilities – you may even dream of having your name in lights. And romance! – your impulse to flirt and seduce is strong and you’re aware of your sex appeal. Spice up any existing partnership, for the rest explore, stay safe and be sensible.
YOUR DREAM TICKET is your power to transform yourself. Yes you can be what you want to be – believe it!


Although you love your freedom, your environment matters especially at the moment and you long for peace and tranquillity. A domestic atmosphere that’s uplifting and spiritual would be soooo lovely, and maybe you’d like to welcome like-minded souls to share this, but have you discussed this with any significant others in your life?
YOUR DREAM TICKET is making your desires clear to those it involves – you may get more support than you expect.


It’s important to you to be a capable, knowledgeable person, and you’d very much like to extend your skills. You’d love to see yourself as expert and knowledgeable, with better rapport with friends and colleagues but red tape and daily routine keep getting in your way. Sometimes you feel so frustrated and confused you could scream!
YOUR DREAM TICKET is to get the boring details out of the way first. Be stern about your priorities and the rest will follow.


Money, money, money – not usually one of your priorities but you can’t help fantasizing about how fabulous it would be to come up on the lottery. But unless you’re careful, what could happen now is the opposite – you are tempted to squander funds on glamorous trappings and end up with debts.
YOUR DREAM TICKET is to use your common sense but also your talents. Why just daydream of wealth when you could create it?


You’re normally a very intuitive person and now more than ever you want to see beyond the everyday. In fact you know you can do magic with the power of imagination and positive thinking. But have you been conditioned to think logic is everything? Or do those close to you scoff at your beliefs?
YOUR DREAM TICKET is planning and structure. Do your affirmations every morning. Meditate and visualise regularly and watch things shift.



You can learn about your own sun sign and take a big step towards your dreams with the above advice. But if you’re going through a time of disappointment or sadness you may want some personal encouragement. Take heart – our expert Readers are just a call away, so don’t delay. Get in touch and get motivated today.

PUBLISHED: 12 May 2017
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