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Mars Conjunct Mercury – Watch Your Tongue!

In mid-September fiery Mars catches mouthy Mercury in the picky sign of Virgo. If you want to say your piece, choose your time and place, not to mention your words!
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Work colleagues or someone you have to deal with day to day are getting under your skin. You do need to have it out, but make sure you’re constructive. The last thing you want is a bad atmosphere DON’T make personal criticisms or go on about little details, however annoying. DO show your appreciation and keep it clear and simple.


You’re generally laid back but when you get pushed out of the front seat when it’s your show, you could see red. Your creativity does matter and you deserve attention, so make your voice heard! DON’T be childish. Be clear about what isn’t fair and state your case in a firm and adult way. DO keep your sense of humour! How bad can it be?


Niggles at home could boil over into a full-scale row. From dishwasher and dustbin duties to deeper emotional issues, tensions rise. You prefer to stay light and cheery, but sometimes…
DON’T hit below the belt. Leave everyone’s sore spots out and stick to the point. DO be as kind as you can. Anger can be a front for hurt and anxiety – be wise and helpful.



Don’t let those rumours and negative comments get you down. Some people love to dwell on doom and gloom and pass on bad news. This could make you stressed and anxious, leading to you being crabby and stroppy. DON’T try to establish facts and figures. That could take you on a journey into depression. DO get absorbed in useful activity or learning something useful.



Who pays for what and who owns what could become bones of contention. Best not to assume you have the right to anything or that someone is treating you, or you could be disappointed and offended. DON’T argue about small amounts of money. It’s not worth it. DO try to sort out in advance who’s paying for what, to avoid disagreements.


You can be over-sensitive to criticism, especially at the moment. You’re prone to dwell on your faults, but often others don’t notice them. However, you may be convinced everyone’s digging at you and get very uppity. DON’T retaliate. You could easily cause a lot of hurt to someone who makes an innocent remark. DO count to ten and reflect. Most likely offending you is the last thing anyone intends.


You aren’t keen on tiffs and tantrums, which means you sometimes don’t express how you feel. At the moment you could go even further, making yourself responsible for keeping everyone calm. DON’T blame yourself. Your anger may be turning inwards and that’s potentially harmful. DO get to the bottom of anything that’s puzzling you. No-one else needs to know but you’ll be empowered.


Friends are wonderful but they can also be a pain. Arrangements for outings and transport could now be problematic, with everyone arguing and complaining. It’s hard to be patient…..
DON’T try to take control and sort everyone out. That could lead to more disputes. DO put energy and inventiveness into following your dreams, even if you go it alone.


Naturally confident and independent, you now want to achieve certain things and get ahead. No-one’s going to tell you what to do, and if anyone gets in your way, watch out! DON’T get pushy and imagine people are competing with you when they aren’t. DO focus on your career and ambitions in a positive manner.


We all have different ways of interpreting life but now people who don’t share your beliefs could seem particularly irritating. Can’t they see they’ve got it wrong and are making fools of themselves? DON’T get on your soapbox. You’re a practical person and you know we all make mistakes. DO be brave enough to expand your knowledge and awareness.


It’s not like you to be jealous but it can get under your skin to hear people crowing about what they’ve got. That sort of materialism really winds you up and you feel like telling them so. DON’T tell anyone they’re being selfish. It will only backfire. DO decide to lead by example and be generous.


The person you love the most can be the one who gets on your nerves the most. It’s a well-known fact. Little habits you usually put up with can now grate unbearably. DON’T bottle up your feelings till they spill out destructively against a partner or close friend. DO address any difficult issue carefully, clearly and sympathetically, as only you know how!



Advice from the stars can be a valuable heads up but there’s nothing like guidance from someone with compassion and insight. This is readily available for you from our trustworthy Readers, so call today and feel reassured about your future.

PUBLISHED: 25 September 2017
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