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March Month of Eclipses, What Do They Mean?


This article explains:
•    What is a Solar Eclipse
•    The solar eclipse of March 9th
•    What is a Lunar Eclipse?
•    The Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd





As the Moon goes round the Earth, once a month she passes in between the Earth and the Sun.  That point in time is called ‘New Moon’ or ‘Dark Moon’ because the Moon is not visible, being too close to the Sun, as it appears in the sky.  At Dark Moon, Earth, Moon and Sun are in line, with the Moon in the middle. 

However, during a normal cycle the Moon is not quite in the middle – it is only when an eclipse takes place that the Moon is central.  Then the shadow of the Moon falls on the Earth, cutting out the sunshine.  The most famous recent solar eclipse occurred in 1999, at the Millennium, and was witnessed by many people.  Eclipses occur every six months, but they are not always visible, or dramatic.




The Solar Eclipse on March 9th won’t be visible from the UK, only from Indonesia and parts of the Pacific.  However, all eclipses affect us, whether they are visible or not.  They create intensity, and sometimes an experience of ‘wipe-out’ in some area of life.  This can begin a week before the eclipse and continue for a week after.

Centuries ago an eclipse of the Sun was believed to foretell the death of the king.  This is because the Sun is/was seen as ‘ruler’ of all the planets, and therefore symbolised the monarch.  There was a great fear of eclipses, because they seemed to show the power and unpredictability of the forces of Nature.  Nowadays we often do not bother about eclipses, but what happens in the sky affects us all, in subtle ways.

The eclipse of the Sun takes place in Pisces.  Pisces is a sign of dreams, intuition and spirituality.  With this eclipse it will be important not to get carried away by flights of fancy.  On the other hand, keeping a sense of wonder and magic matters, also.  A solar eclipse in Pisces can give rise to illusions, which are later shattered.  However, with a little wisdom it can open the way to inspiration from higher realms and increased creativity.  It’s just important to retain common sense.





A Lunar Eclipse can only occur when the Earth, Moon and Sun are in a line, but with the Earth in the centre.  This takes place at Full Moon.  However, during an ordinary month, Moon, Earth and Sun are not exactly in line at Full Moon.  During a lunar eclipse they do line up, and so the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon, turning her blood red, or blocking her completely.





In times gone by the sight of the Moon turning red was regarded as a sign of war and bloodshed to come.  The Moon was regarded as a Goddess, or, in some cultures, as a God.  When Sun and Moon disappeared, during eclipses, the ancients believed that they had been eaten by a dragon.  Some of the dread of eclipses would quite possibly have come from the fact people – who were more in tune with the Cosmos – sensed that changes were taking place within themselves and their surroundings.

The Moon is linked to feelings, emotions, moods and responses.  Even though the actual eclipse only lasts for minutes, it can have effects that endure much longer – in fact you may be aware of them for up to a week before and after the occasion.  Lunar eclipses can have a muffling effect – you may not be as enthusiastic or as sympathetic as you usually are. 

However it’s also possible that the disruptive effect could make you extra sensitive.  If you have any form of mental or emotional problem, take special care around the eclipse and look after yourself.  The great thing about astrological events is that they pass.  The lesson from this is that all things pass, so be patient

The Lunar Eclipse falls across the signs of Libra and Aries.  The Moon is in Libra, sign of love, peace, balance and justice.  The Sun is in Aries, which is the sign of assertiveness, action, impatience and strife.  There are times in life when we need to negotiate and times we need to insist.  With this eclipse it could be harder to decide which is best.

During this eclipse, be careful not to be too quick to take the law into your own hands.  It might be all too easy to lose patience with indecision, or to want to cut across arguments with direct action.  However, now more than ever negotiation is essential and important decisions will depend on getting the balance right between words and deeds.





In this article we have looked at what makes a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse, and what the effects of both of these are likely to be, during March.  There is a wealth of evidence to show that we are influenced by the phases of the Moon and eclipses.  Only by noting your reactions and the reactions of those around you can you become properly aware of the true impact on you.  Why not start keeping a lunar diary at the time of the March eclipses, and see what you can learn about yourself and the tides of cosmic energy, flowing around you.


PUBLISHED: 18 March 2016

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