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Living in Tune With the Lunar Cycle


To get the most out of this article please first read Understanding The Moon's Phases

The phases of the Moon have a profound, yet often subtle effect on life on earth.  Midwives, police and the emergency services will often support the theory that Full Moon is a time of greater activity.  Those who work with children or the mentally unstable find those under their care are more demanding at Full Moon – hence the word ‘lunatic’.  While the impact of Full Moon may be the greatest, each of the phases has its own signature.  If you truly want to go with the flow in life, using your time and energy most effectively, learn to live in tune with the Moon, and feel joyful and at ease.


While activity in many respects is believed to begin with New Moon, grow with Waxing Moon, peak at Full Moon and ebb as the Moon wanes, the cycle does not necessarily work like this with everyone and everything.  In order to find out how the Moon affects you, you will need to become more aware of your own rhythms – which is helpful in itself.  Try the following:



To remind you of the heavenly sequence, set up an altar to the Moon on a shelf or cupboard-top.  Buy or make four cards/pictures to represent Dark Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon – these could be simple drawings of a crescent, starry sky or complete Moon’s orb (refer to Understanding The Moon's Phases for details).  Check the lunar phases on-line, and also in the sky and change the card or picture you display accordingly.  Light a black candle for Dark Moon (n.b. black is not evil, it represents mysteries and ‘the hidden’) a silver for Waxing, white for Full Moon and purple for Waning.  Of course you may choose other colours if you prefer.  Place flowers, seeds, ornaments – anything that feels appropriate as your lunar observance gets into swing.




The cycles of Nature are awesome.  Let the Moon into your heart by celebrating the phases.  Open a bottle of wine or special juice at Full Moon, take a rose petal bath, have a party.  At Dark Moon, meditate, reflect, appreciate peace etc.  As time goes by you will have your own ideas of what you would like to do.




This is most important, because it will enable you to realize how the lunar cycle is affecting you, thus enabling you to play to your strengths, know when to rest, know when your ideas are going to flow etc.  Try to write in your diary every day, but keep it short if you have little time – small entries made regularly are more valuable than the occasional long one.  Focus on: physical energy – how lively or tired do you feel? Emotions – are you weepy/cheerful/uncertain?  Sleep patterns – when are you sleeping best/worst and for how long etc.  Sex drive.  Menstruation – this is really important for women and observing the Moon has been known to regulate periods.   Creativity, ideas & achievement.  Tastes for food or other things.  Personal habits.  Health.  Restlessness/feeling chilled.  Intuitions. Notice also the activities of partner, friends, children, pets, plants, wildlife and even the news.


•    DREAMS. 


You may like to keep a separate diary to record these, for you may dream more at certain phases but also have changing sorts of dreams.  In time, you may learn lots from your dreams, for instance they may reveal different matters at different phases, give you clarity, inspiration etc.

Your lunar observance should be fun, fit in with your lifestyle and available time, and be something you can easily do.  Once you have built up a picture of how the Moon affects you, you can adjust your plans accordingly.  Check out other articles such as Attuning to the Waxing Moon for specific suggestions on what to do. With the Moon on your side you will be well on the way to wisdom and self knowledge.  However, always bear in mind that our friendly readers at The Circle are there with helpful words whenever you need them.

 PUBLISHED: 01 April 2014

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