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Libra Woman Love

The Libra woman is very feminine, but however frilly and giggly she may appear, inside she has a mind of steel. Peace and harmony matter to her, and she wants her friendship group to love her for her easy-going nature and that way she has of making everyone feel accepted. But push the Libra woman too far, try bullying tactics or talk down to her and she’ll put you in your place with well-chosen words.



Being ‘equal’ isn’t something she shouts about, while getting on with chores in the kitchen. She really means it, and if it’s your turn to take out the trash, that bin will stay there until you shift yourself.

The Libra woman in love is fond of being considered, treated like a lady, taken shopping and bought flowers, but that doesn’t make her dependent or weak. Far from it! In fact she may surprise you by buying you a bunch of roses!

Sometimes a Libra in love is indecisive – be patient, she needs to make up her own mind. Trendy clothes, beautiful surroundings and works of art are necessary to her – never take her anywhere squalid because it could make her quite literally ill. Her Libra female traits will allow her to talk anything through with you, and she’s so sweet you may think you’re getting your own way, but that’s not going to happen. However, she won’t insist on her way, either. You’ll reach a delightful compromise – what could be better?


•    Girly stuff – flowers, clothes and chocolates
•    Being treated as a lady, but…
•    Also as an equal
•    Talking things through and reaching agreement


•    Rudeness – it could put her off for good.
•    Someone who expects the relationship to be all emotion and physicality, with little friendship.
•    Being pushed – she may say ‘yes’ for the sake of peace, when she really means ‘no’.

The Libra female will love the fact you’re trying to seduce her and yes, she can be just a tiny bit gullible when it comes to fine wines and clever flattery. She’s prepared to ‘suspend disbelief’ if she’s having fun.
•    Make sure she knows the sort of place you’re going – she’ll want to be dressed right.
•    She’s stylish but not formal – she’ll prefer a trendy bistro to hob-nobbing at the Ritz.
•    Be relaxed and talkative – reply to her in a way that shows you’ve listened.
•    Going out with a crowd of friends is a good way to break the ice, before the Libra woman falls in love.
•    Make your move when you can be private and peaceful – a slow dance together is ideal.



Which Zodiac signs are compatible for loving a Libra? Here’s how well a Libra woman in love matches a(n)…

ARIES When Aries finds the lady’s not for turning, mutual respect grows.
TAURUS You’re both creative and both lazy, which could make for a mess!
GEMINI You click very well, but there might not be much depth in the relationship.
CANCER She’ll josh him along gently – with patience you could provide a peaceful haven for each other.
LEO Strong attraction, she’ll massage his ego but only up to a point.
VIRGO She thinks he’s sweet but shrinks away from his unfair digs.
LIBRA A glimpse of heaven – but is either of you decisive enough to do anything about it?
SCORPIO She hopes to soothe his troubled mind, but might not succeed.
SAGITTARIUS He makes her laugh! A fun partnership, but isn’t he a bit too careless at times? 
CAPRICORN She realises he’s not cold, just reserved, and coaxes him out of it.
AQUARIUS So much in common but he needs too much time to himself.
PISCES He seems wonderful, but she may wish he were more strong and stable.


Of course the astrology of a birth sign can only ever be a background sketch, and any two signs can get along together if they put in the effort, for a Libra woman in love isn’t controlled by astrology – she just works through it.

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PUBLISHED: 15 October 2015

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