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What are the Libra man traits and what attracts a Libra man? Find out about the Libra man in love and the Libra man in bed…


The Libra man loves to be in love. He is a pure romantic at heart and has the ability to charm anyone that he finds attractive. He spends his life seeking out harmony and balance and does not like confrontation. In fact, he will avoid it at all costs if possible. The Libra man would almost prefer to be in an unhappy relationship than to be alone because he needs to feel wanted and loved by someone. He aims to please and will often declare his achievements in the desperate need for admiration and respect from anyone close. He is not egotistical; he just needs reassurance that he has some importance.
He has sincere compassion and wants the world to be a fair place…


The Libra man traits and characteristics combine to make him a loveable creature. He is gentle, warm, and loving and will do almost anything for the people he loves. He has sincere compassion and wants the world to be a fair place, so he is a strong believer in justice. The Libra man traits make him a loyal and loving partner, and although he may be viewed as a flirt because of his friendliness, he actually just loves to be around people. He is interested in people’s opinions, and is always up for a debate, although he will often err on the side of caution when giving his side of the story. He can be indecisive and sometimes it may be difficult to get his opinion, but this is only because of his sense of fairness and the need to weigh up his thoughts carefully before giving them.

He loves art, culture and places of interest so you could plan a date at local museums…

The Libra man loves to be flattered because he wants to feel important to those who love him. Knowing how to attract a Libra man is fairly simple: share his passion for justice, flatter him, and show him that you also love the luxuries in life. He loves art, culture, and places of interest, so you could plan a date at local museums, followed by a candlelit meal in his favourite restaurant. Small gestures and gifts go a long way with a Libra man. Although he is not really materialistic, he does like to feel loved. The following compatible star signs will have success if you are wondering how to attract a Libra man:
Libra Man & Libra Woman – This could be a very successful relationship because both signs want balance and harmony in their life, and will avoid conflict or confrontation. The Libra man in bed will charm and seduce his partner, so they will also be a good match between the sheets.
Libra Man & Sagittarius Woman – Both signs like a bit of freedom and independence so will understand this side of each other. They also both enjoy being sociable and will happily spend time with friends. They are both loyal and open about their emotions.
Libra Man & Aquarius Woman: The Libra man in bed is sexually matched with an Aquarius woman. They are both adventurous and will embrace the fun side of an intimate relationship. They both respect each other’s need for alone time and also enjoy meeting up with friends at social gatherings.
Libra Man & Scorpio Woman: This relationship will have fireworks in the bedroom as passion will be the basis of their relationship. They both enjoy having fun and will spend time getting out and about to see art and culture. This could be a very good match as long as Scorpio isn’t possessive of the Libran free spirit.


The Libra man in love is 100% loyal, faithful and loving. He is not fiery or confrontational so needs a partner who is like him: laidback and carefree. The Libra man in love is a hopeless romantic, so falls in love quickly and deeply for the woman in his life. He is easily flattered and charmed because he needs the reassurance that he is making her happy. His is a sign that will do almost anything for the one he loves, as long as he doesn’t feel used or senses an injustice. If you love him wholeheartedly, he will be by your side forever.



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Published: 01 September 2016

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