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The Libra man likes all things smooth and amiable. He’s past-master of the well-turned phrase, the simple remark that calms everyone down and makes them smile. His mission is to spread harmony – nothing harsh or disruptive. You may think he’s deeply empathic at first, but to be honest the Libra man is less concerned with feelings than he is with logic. The Libra in astrology likes the truth to prevail and knows that can’t happen when there’s a lot of shouting.

You realise this Libra male isn’t meek and mild – he just prefers peace. If he gets the chance he’ll enjoy a civilised debate. Sometimes he’ll take the other side, partly to see what happens but also because fairness rules, and every viewpoint must have a hearing. The Libra man will present his case with impeccable logic. He’s just as slick and persuasive whether he’s defending dodgy politics or justifying coming home late from the pub.
The Libra man truly believes in discussion and will listen patiently to anything you may say. Never accuse him of being unsympathetic – he’s deeply wounded by any suggestion that he’s not being kind and impartial because he tries sooo hard to be perfect and thinks it’s his job to restore serenity to a troubled world.
However, he speaks from his head rather than his heart and won’t appreciate being stymied by tears. If he really believes something he will argue about it endlessly. He may be sad he hasn’t convinced you, but don’t think you’ve convinced him!
Mr Libra is a tremendous asset, socially. He says the right thing to the right person and can turn a graceful compliment to make anyone blossom. He’s never over-the-top, always totally plausible. He soothes ruffled feathers, makes sworn enemies call truce and relishes playing cupid. Old-fashioned charm and contemporary cool are equally his brand. Enjoy his company – he’ll love you for it!
  • Peace and tranquillity
  • Soft, clear speech
  • Justice – he’ll hear every side
  • Co-operation
  • Conflict – it’s so unnecessary, and when was anyone ever convinced by yelling?
  • Lack of logic
  • Tantrums and emotional blackmail


The Libra male quite enjoys arguing. He doesn’t see it as conflict – rather as a frank and fair exchange of views. Because this Libra star sign is so affable, you may assume it’ll be easy to get him on side, but brace yourself! Of all the star signs, the Libra man is the best at debate and he’ll have strategies you haven’t thought of. And he may charm you into agreement!
  • He’s refined and polite – you may think he isn’t deeply engaged at first 
  • He’ll surprise you by the aspects he raises 
  • He’s persistent and resourceful – you may be amazed at the variety of answers you get
  • He’ll listen carefully to all your points and answer them one by one 
  • The Libra characteristics in this male will only become sharp if there’s a hint of injustice – he won’t tolerate it and it could bring out a side of him you rarely see
  • Never become insulting and avoid tissue-tantrums. He’ll want to calm you down, but you’ll lose his respect 
  • The great thing is that the Libra traits in this male mean that he probably can be convinced by discussion. His ego is caught up in showing he’s reasonable, not being ‘right’ 
  • If he does come around to seeing it your way, you have a good chance of on-going cooperation
  • Beware bullying him or using emotional blackmail. He may say ‘yes’ for a quiet life but if he doesn’t mean it there will be trouble later
FACE TO FACE - He loves this because he knows the power of a smile. He chooses attractive settings for meetings. Because ambience is everything
ON THE PHONE - Calm and considered, he puts his point well on the phone and he may enjoy a nice chat – but not for too long. Polite he may be, but he’s a man of action too 
E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC - He’s ok with technology and often chooses a musical ring-tone and attractive screen-saver. He’ll take the trouble to send photos and interesting selfies and will compose emails so they look good. He’ll relish the fact that gadgets give him the chance to say a well-mannered ‘maybe’ and not be pressed.
LETTERS - He’s too lazy to write a letter, but he’ll choose a lovely card, so you know he’s thought of you
SPEECH-MAKING - He excels at this, and although he can be as nervous as the next person, he has a natural flair for remaining in tune with his audience while putting across his information plainly, amusingly and with a deft touch
PARTIES - He’s a huge asset at parties because he puts everyone at ease. He knows who to introduce to whom and while he’s making his wonderful small talk, he’s watching the room. If anything has become awkward or if the atmosphere needs reviving, he’s your man. If he’s not having a good time, however, he won’t suffer for long. He always has a handy excuse!
Of course the Libra in Astrology can only ever be a background sketch, based most commonly upon your Sun Sign. More detailed and exact advice about the Libra man is readily available to you, however. Get free Horoscopes and Psychic insight at TheCircle. If you want to know more about how to communicate with your Libra partner call one of our expert Readers.


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