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Leo Zodiac: Leo Horoscope and Profile


The fifth sign of the zodiac and the one that is powered by the sun, the Leo sign is often considered to be the royalty of the zodiac. Immensely popular but hard to pin down, Leos tend to live each day as if it were the last, meaning that they want to experience as many things - and as many people - as possible. They tend to gravitate towards drama and have a largely undeserved reputation for being arrogant. However, get beneath their intimidating exterior and you'll find that Leos make for trustworthy allies and lifelong partners in crime. Here's everything you need to know about the Leo star sign personality, characteristics and love life. 


Western Zodiac - Leo


Dates to Remember


The Leo zodiac falls between July 23rd and August 22nd, so if you were born within those dates, congratulations - you're a Leo! It should also be noted that Leo dates can actually differ depending on the year, with the birth range sometimes being a day earlier or a day later.


While these Leo dates are important to keep in mind, you should stay on the lookout for other important dates throughout the year. In the meantime, make sure to continually check the Leo zodiac sign horoscope for daily updates on what to expect throughout the year.


Leo Personality Traits


Leo characteristics are often the envy of the rest of the zodiac. As lions, Leos are fiery, energetic and constantly trying to prove themselves and lead by example. They are self-confident to the point of hubris, but their unwavering self-belief is one of the most powerful and important Leo traits. 


When exploring the Leo personality, it is important to remember that although they may seem like they know it all, they crave companionship. You'll rarely find Leos spending any time alone, as these social animals seek entertainment and adventure through the company of others. On the surface of things, the Leo appears to be hard to connect with. However, once you get to know them, you'll quickly realize that if a Leo has chosen to spend a lot of time with you, it's because they really want to.



The Leo Symbol and Meaning


The symbol of the Leo birth sign is the lion, or more specifically, the lion glyph. The image represents the mane, spine, and double-sided heart of the lion. Leo is ruled by the mythical Centaur (the Archer) and as such the Leo symbol signifies an arrow pointing up towards the sky. The mane of the Leo naturally represents the fiery and often uncontrollable passions of the lion, ones which also act as a protective barrier against vulnerability, which the Leo often fears more than anything. The duality of the Leo symbol represents the two important sides to every Leo; on one side is their passion, pride, energy, and bluster, on the other side is their soft underbelly which is typical to the lion. 



Leo Love Compatibility


Leos fall in love fast and hard. They crave passion and while happily open themselves up to someone who they think can deliver an exciting relationship and a romantic adventure. They love the thrill of the chase and thrive on performing for their partner. Just beware, Leos have a tendency to get bored quickly, meaning they will quickly jump ship if a partner does not meet up to their often lofty expectations. One thing that is certain is that a Leo knows when they've found the one, and will travel to the ends of the Earth and back for someone they truly love. 


Pisces: The Pisces could prove an ideal match for Leos as they reflect on what truly matters to them. When a Leo meets a Pisces it is unlikely that they will think they're speaking to a potential lover; Pisces are quiet and laid-back, which a Leo can at first mistake for timidity. However, once they get to know each other, they'll find a perfect equilibrium and a relationship that lasts. 


Libra: The Libra-Leo relationship is perfect for the Leo personality. Both are in equal parts excitable, energetic, and constantly in pursuit of thrills and risks. This can also end in tears, as the air sign will happily stoke the tempers of the fiery Leo, and both will encourage risky behaviour. A Libra is perfect for the Leo that is searching for the best sex they'll ever have, alongside plenty of adventure outside the bedroom.


Scorpio: Both the Scorpio and the Leo star sign are equally intense creatures. However, the Scorpio is more withdrawn, preferring a more private, intimate relationship than what the Leo may be accustomed to. The Leo can help bring the Scorpio out of their shell, just as the Scorpio can help the Leo realise that sometimes the most exciting things in life are waiting for you at home. 


The Leo is a force of nature. One of their defining traits is that they enter the room, and people's lives, much like a hurricane, commanding all attention and often leaving a mess when they leave. They may be a thrill to ride along with, but the true reward comes to those who manage to make a true connection. For them, they will have a fiercely loyal and committed partner who will do just about anything for them.


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