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The Love of a Leo Woman


The Leo woman is passionate, courageous and loving. Do you need to know how to attract a Leo woman? Find out about the Leo woman in love…


The Leo woman is often the matriarch of the family. She is the loving mother, the attentive partner and often, the hard-working businesswoman. The Leo woman traits make her a fun person to be with, a friend who will give their undivided attention when you need it most. She is strong, courageous and determined but she has a sensitive, warm and loving side.





The Leo woman traits can be a complete mixture. While some may call her feisty and downright determined to get her way, the Leo woman will more often than not, have a good reason for her bullish behaviour. She is not someone who thrives on drama, always thinking that she’s right and deserves the best. She is a hard-working woman of passion, keen to give everything her best and therefore reaping the rewards she thoroughly deserves. Leo women traits make her out to sometimes appear flippant or arrogant, but this is not done to offend, it is more likely that she has several things on her mind and is not giving you her undivided attention. She is a worrier, closely linked to neighbouring star sign Cancer, she can be sensitive and over-emotional sometimes. However, when she is operating at full steam, don’t get in her way! Instead, encourage her enthusiasm, flatter her and watch as she takes the limelight. She is a party animal, hovering in the limelight, appearing as somewhat introvert to some, but beautiful and eccentric to others.
Leo women do love to be centre of attention so if that means fame in taking to the stage, theatre or TV – she would be in her element…




Leo women can pretty much set their mind to anything and be successful. They make great businesswomen, deeply committed to their work and often working out of hours to make sure everything is done. They must feel like they are achieving and if they are happy within their work, will show support and loyalty to the company. A typical Leo woman profession would be in higher management, keen to support others and to meet targets and results. She is a go getter, would be good at teaching or managing a team, and would make a very successful salesperson. Leo women do love to be centre of attention so if that means fame in taking to the stage, theatre or TV – she would be in her element. The Leo woman profession would not be particularly affected when she becomes a mother, because she is likely to somehow continue and juggle motherhood alongside her work.
She relishes in masculine presence and flirts to her hearts content…




If you need to know how to attract a Leo woman, there are a few simple but important rules. She needs to be strongly physically attracted to potential partners, so dress your best and make sure you are wearing good aftershave! Adore her, flatter her, compliment her, worship her – and above all, make sure you are a complete gentleman with impeccable manners. The Leo woman likes a man to stand strongly by her side and wants him to be as confident as her. She relishes in masculine presence and flirts to her hearts content if she has the opportunity and is attracted to you. The most successful Leo woman compatibility is with the following signs:

SCORPIO – Sexy Scorpio is the ultimate charmer and the perfect lover for the Leo woman. He makes her feel irresistible and the most attractive woman on earth. These two are greatest flirts together and could potentially be together long-term.

ARIES – The Aries man is an intellectual match, with both signs being good at business and confident in their ideas. Aries is a straight talking flirt and together with the Leo woman’s love of flattery, they won’t waste much time getting to know each other!

LIBRA – The Libra man brings a calmness and serenity to the Leo woman in life. He is gentle and loving, and although he likes to talk about himself, hopefully he will let her have most of the limelight. These two are perfect partners and seem to ground each other, making solid foundations for the future, a definite contender for Leo woman compatibility.




Falling in love with a Leo woman will be unforgettable. She is a true romantic, incredibly passionate and believes firmly that love is forever. She is a devoted partner, loyal and steadfast, and always enthusiastic to keep the fire burning in her relationship, often making special time for her lover. The Leo woman wants marriage, security, stability and children. She makes a dedicated mother, forever energetically raising her offspring and always fiercely protective, keeping intruders from the family lair. The Leo woman in love responds to loving gestures with as much affection as she is given. She expects her affections to be matched in return and will not have the patience to put up with half-hearted people. Leo women also make good friends, always showing loyalty and consistently by your side when you need a shoulder to cry on.





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PUBLISHED: 6 July 2016

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