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Whatever Ms Leo says has impact. She knows how to grab your attention and hold it. Her way of talking about trivia, like the weather or her commute, makes it all sound important, or amusing. She loves nothing more than a good listener and the more rapt your gaze the more she’ll wax lyrical. If her life rarely seems ordinary, that’s because it isn’t!  She lives it to the full, so no wonder she’s entertaining.


Ms Leo has an authoritative way with her. She’s sure to be an expert on something and she’s very clear and emphatic about her views. She doesn’t really like being challenged and on a bad day she can dismiss disagreement with a regal wave. At other times she’ll listen graciously before pointing out exactly where you’re wrong – without pulling punches.


She’s in her element when surrounded by a group of admirers. Why talk to one person when you can wow a whole dozen? This strong woman does have a weak spot – flattery. Of course she’s intelligent enough to clock it and she may shrug it off, on the outside. But deep within she laps it up.  It may be possible to manipulate her by buttering her up, but you’d have to be clever about it because she despises insincerity.


Sometimes it may seem as if she’s spilling everything, when you get a blow-by-blow account of her relationship problems or family conundrums. But listen carefully and you’ll realise that she never sounds vulnerable, confused or really upset. She’s entertaining you rather than looking for help or sympathy. Her true emotions – and these can be very strong and deep – are hidden. She’s far too proud to reveal all. Be tactful about the support you offer because she’ll hate it if you feel sorry for her, but she does need to know you’re there.


  • Being showered with compliments
  • Coming on like a minor celebrity
  • Giving her views and advice
  • Issuing instructions


  • Being interrupted
  • Noticing that you’ve become distracted
  • Listening to you prattle on about next to nothing




She doesn’t take well to being challenged and it can bring out the worst in her.  All her true warmth and generosity could disappear and she can be narrow-minded and arrogant.  If you decide to face up to her, brace yourself! 
  • She could be scornful and dismissive
  • If she sees you’re determined to push it, she’ll square up to you
  • If you get angry or upset she’ll treat you like a child and it will give her the upper hand
  • She’s a powerful opponent but not always as well-informed as she thinks
  • Her self-esteem may get bound up with being right, and that can make her unreasonable
  • Show you truly respect her, even though you disagree on this point 
  • If she starts to see she’s wrong, best give her a way out that won’t hurt her pride
  • Once it’s sorted, that’s it.  She won’t hold a grudge, but if you’ve beaten her, she could be ready for a re-match on other topics
FACE TO FACE - This is by far the best – she can use expressions and gestures to max effect 
ON THE PHONE - She won’t even answer the phone if she hasn’t put on her slap!  She isn’t someone you take off-guard.  But she can keep you talking if there’s lots she wants to say and you could find it hard to ring off
E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC - She can’t be bothered with anything that doesn’t work smoothly, but she likes to have the latest technology because – after all – she deserves it!  She’ll probably bling up her phone and flash her state-of-the-art tablet.  And she’s a whizz at selfies!
LETTERS - A beautiful card or note will keep her on your mantelpiece, which is great, and she values courtesy
SPEECH-MAKING - She’s fab at this, but she’s far more worried about it than you may guess and may spend hours mugging up, because making a fool of herself in public is her worst nightmare
PARTIES - She loves throwing parties, but being a wallflower at someone else’s ‘do’ makes her grouchy.  As long as she has her own adoring crew in tow, she’s happy
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