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Romance with a Leo Man


How to attract a Leo man, the Leo man traits and the Leo man in love…


The Leo man is a fun-loving, sociable and generally nice guy to know. He does love to be the centre of attention but does it in a way that does not seem arrogant or overconfident. As the sign of the lion, he is a natural born leader – blessed with an ability to gain admiration and respect from his peers. He does love to be flattered and has an in-built need to impress those around him, while surveying further afield for potential new admirers to win over.





The Leo man is a fire sign. He has the energy and determination of his fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. He is a generous warm-hearted person who is the perfect gentleman, courteous, polite, attentive and well-mannered. He is a noble man with a superior air about him, making him the natural leader that he is and successful in any Leo man profession. The Leo man traits are such distinctive characteristics that they are often very obviously a Leo. You can tell a Leo man from a distance, not only in his mannerisms and actions but also in his looks. He often has a thick mane of golden tresses, facial hair or at least facial features similar to those of a lion. The Leo man traits make him fun, the life and soul of the party and likeable guy. However, if his loyalty or respect is ever questioned, he will stamp his feet in a temper, showing his fiery side.
He needs to be active, making sure that he is helping as many people as possible…




As the Leo man is a natural leader, he really can succeed at whatever he chooses to do. He throws himself fully in to work and is a devoted, loyal and hard-working employee. He is often in management, playing a fair role with his team members and making sure that everyone who works alongside him is happy. The Leo man profession could be in the services – the Army, Police, Fire services etc. He needs to be active, making sure that he is helping as many people as possible, retaining his need for admiration. A Leo man profession could be in the arts, a musician, an actor or a career in doing something which enables him to be centre of attention. He will commit fully to whichever role he chooses, but if he decides it isn’t for him, he will move on quickly instead of wasting his and his employers time.


If you want to win over a Leo man, give him flattery, attention and respect…






Do you need to know how to attract a Leo man? A successful Leo man compatibility must be someone who shares the same enthusiasm and motivation in life. They are more often attracted to women who are overtly feminine and ooze energy and gentleness. Leo men compatibility does not make him attracted to women who are domineering, crass or ill-mannered. If you want to win over a Leo man, give him flattery, attention and respect because as long as his ego is stroked, you have got his interest! The most compatible signs with the Leo man are:

ARIES – A fellow fire sign who shares the same passion and enthusiasm for life. This could be a perfect match, as both are family orientated and energetic in their attitude towards life. Perfect Leo man compatibility - expect fireworks in the bedroom!


LIBRA – Leo and Libra balance each other out. Libra adores Leo and will flatter him to get her way! Libra brings harmony to Leo, creating a smooth and easy-going relationship. This partnership could be warm, passionate and loving.


SAGITARRIUS – Fellow fire sign Sagittarius will match Leo’s energy and interests in culture and art. Both outspoken and devoted, they could build solid foundations for a successful future together. Fiery clashes may sometimes occur, but is usually quickly smoothed over.





The Leo man loves to be in love. He is a proud man and wants to have a woman by his side so that he has somebody to love and someone to love him. He is a romantic and will often shower you with gifts and presents. Don’t be surprised if you come home to an unplanned candlelit meal for two, all beautifully laid out and cooked by himself. The Leo man in love needs love and companionship; he is certainly not a loner. Once he has lured you in to his lair, you will be his forever as he only really gets involved, if he feels there is long-term potential. Knowing how to attract a Leo man, is easy as flattery gets you everywhere. One word of warning – do not make him jealous! Flirting with other people will be seen as complete disrespect for him that he will find hard to cope with. He needs to feel he is the number one man in your life and the only person for you. The Leo man in love definitely adores you with all his heart and will remind you every day that he loves you. He also believes in marriage and children and plays a hands-on, devoted father.





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PUBLISHED: 1 July 2016

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