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It has to be said that Mr Leo loves the sound of his own voice. Luckily for him (and for everyone within ten paces) he’s usually entertaining and lively. He’s full of big ideas and he wants to include all his friends in his amazing plans. Being a natural leader, he has an inspiring way with him. Sometimes it’s just nice to be close to him and let yourself be caught in that up-beat vibe.


He has a flair for drama and knows just how to tell a tale with maximum effect. You may think he’s making things up, but he’s not a liar. He may exaggerate a tad and paint himself in the role of hero, but he’s basically genuine. After all, why would he need to tell fibs? He thinks what he’s done is pretty fantastic – and chances are you’ll agree with him!


If you’re feeling down and this old world is making you sad and anxious, Leo is the guy to seek out. He has a sublime belief that everything will work out well, and he will want to make you see life in the joyful way that’s natural to him. He might not listen to all the details of your problems, but after being with him for half an hour you may believe they aren’t really important after all. Positive thinking was invented by him, and because he believes in a good outcome he’s often great at fixing things – or knowing someone who can.


This man is bossy – no other word for it. Sometimes he’ll talk to you as if he’s the monarch and you’re the minion. He doesn’t mean to offend, so don’t throw a hissy (he may think that’s a bit pathetic). However, make sure you stand up to him with dignity, because he’ll respect that. Sometimes when you’re with him you may feel invisible, but don’t take it personally. He’s interested in the Big Picture, so let him take you out of yourself so you see it too.


  • Making an impression on an audience
  • Flattery – tell him what he wants to hear
  • Taking the lead
  • Spreading happiness


  • Being ignored – it can bring out his inner child and he could behave badly
  • Boring details – he doesn’t want to hear them
  • Having to listen too long to anyone else


Leo is one of those signs who is Always Right.  He won’t regard it as an ‘argument’ – just him talking some sense into you!
  • He’s very sure of himself, and if you don’t agree with him he may not want to bother to convince you, unless your cooperation is essential to his plans
  • To bring him to the table you will need to be firm and well-informed 
  • He hates to be questioned.  He’s proud, but he also wants to hang on to his enthusiasm
  • He could become scornful and over-bearing.  Keep your cool 
  • Leo does have a dark side, and if he’s really threatened you could see Mufasa turn into Scar – remember ‘The Lion King’?
  • You need to show you respect him and see the good side of what he’s saying 
  • Make your feelings clear but don’t show weakness, unless you want to be patronised
  • Unless he’s being really stubborn he will see reason - eventually
  • The best outcome is that he’ll agree with you in the end and pass off your ideas as his own!




FACE TO FACE - He knows he makes the most impact face to face and he’ll choose this wherever possible. However, there will be times when he’s absorbed in something he considers mega-important, and then it could be harder to get in touch
ON THE PHONE - He will probably keep to the point, setting up a meeting or telling you what you need to know. If something remarkable has happened or he’s pulled off a fabulous stroke, he’ll stay on the phone to tell you about it – and you’ll hear it again, later 
E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC - His attitude to technology varies. If he sees it as a way to reach a larger audience, great. When it goes wrong he’s got no patience and will trade in for a more up-to-date model. But if he has a flair for it, then he’ll be using it 24/7 and boasting about its amazing spec
LETTERS - A huge card is a dramatic gesture, and he adores those. He could write lines from a play or poetry, on lovely paper, with a flourish. After all, you may just need something occasionally to remind you how fantastic he is!
SPEECH-MAKING - He loves being on the podium – it’s his natural element. If he knows his subject and gets into his stride he will have the audience in the palm of his hand. However, he may be nervous at first because he can’t bear the thought of not coming over at his best
PARTIES - He’s the original Party Animal, happy when he’s surrounded by his cheer-leaders. His child-like side could come out now, playful, amusing and original. He comes on like a total extravert and few people may guess how vulnerable he is. Warm, trusting and generous he can be taken advantage of – keep an eye on him, but never let him know!
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