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Jupiter in scorpio - feel the power!

This month Jupiter, planet of positivity and good fortune, moves into the intense sign of Scorpio. Discover how you can empower yourself, make the changes you want and remodel your life over the coming year.



Normally with you what you see is what you get, but now you’re discovering more subtle people skills. You can see quite deeply into the motives of others and you can manipulate them, to get your own way. That’s fine, as long as your motives are pure. Avoid jealousy and resentment and always remember the only person you can really change is yourself. FOCUS ON increasing shared resources and tackling your insecurities – let them hold you back no more.


In your relationships emotions now run strong and deep. Don’t be afraid of this – your loved one can bring you good fortune and all sorts of opportunities that you may only have dreamt about. If you’re single it’s likely that will change in a way that is very joyful. This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. Colleagues and partners of all kinds bring you fulfillment as long as you don’t demand too much. FOCUS ON being a great partner, generous, cheerful and encouraging, and you’ll get that back in spades.


We all have habits we’d like to alter and doing this can be a major challenge – but not for you at the moment. You now have the ability to take a constructive look at yourself, and the enthusiasm to do something about it. Any nagging ailments can now be sorted through a better lifestyle. Clutter and mess are also a thing of the past – lovely feeling! FOCUS ON more exercise, but don’t push yourself too hard or you risk straining yourself.



Sometimes you worry about demanding attention and you may try to get it through tweaking the sympathies of others – but no more! You’ll be strutting your stuff and even finding it fun to compete. You’ll be amazed at how you shine.  Romance flourishes as well. If you’re single hot dates abound and if you’re coupled up, plan a love fest and fall for each other all over again. FOCUS ON developing your talents and doing more of what makes you happy.



At this time of year many of us give more attention to home and family, wanting to be extra warm and snuggly. When you close your front door, you will be embraced by welcome, able to value shelter. But it doesn’t end there. You have a fabulous opportunity to beautify your home, so think DIY and cheery colours. Mend any rifts with your nearest and dearest and concentrate on the bonds of love between you. FOCUS ON your roots and community. Entertain at home and have family parties. Even if you’re on a budget, invest in luxurious throws, cushions and similar.


You always love to be well-informed, but now your mind is not only sharp and active, but also expansive. You can take in more and keep the wide picture in mind. It’s a good time to be extra active on the Net, blogging or tweeting – in fact this could lead to more than you expect in terms of knowledge and also respect for you. If you’ve ever thought of writing a book or getting published, the doors are opening. FOCUS ON learning of any description. Now would be a good time to go on a course.


Money, money, money – this could well be a lucky time for you financially. But even if you don’t have that big lottery win, with some effort and imagination you can certainly make extra dosh. However, there’s one thing to be really careful of – extravagance! Never spend what you haven’t got or your debts could rise faster than your bonus! FOCUS ON increasing your earnings and making wise investments.


With Jupiter in your sign there’s almost nothing you can’t succeed in. The only dangers are 1) that a feeling of general optimism and well-being could mean you just lie back and miss opportunities, and 2) that you go over the top with something. Dodge those pitfalls and you have a chance to develop majorly as an individual. Your sphere of influence expands and the respect you generate blossoms. FOCUS ON anything you’ve been wanting to achieve. Your dreams can come true now, but only with effort.


We all have secret fears and although you are generally a bright person, you also have your demons. The good news is that light can now be shone into the mental cave where they lurk, and you can defeat them. Old issues from the past can be resolved and if anyone nurtures a grudge against you, that can be neutralized. Shifts may be unseen, but very profound and life-enhancing. FOCUS ON being kind and charitable – the rewards will be wonderful.


You can be quite a reserved person, but the social prospects opening in front of you now will tempt you out of your shell. You will realise that there are people whom you can trust and that friends not only rate you but also want to offer you things. What these ‘things’ may be can vary widely, but one thing you can be sure of is they will bring you happiness and fulfillment. FOCUS ON experiencing a glow of gratitude and definitely getting out more!


Professionally you’re on fire – promotions and chances to impress those in authority are plentiful and you can truly get ahead. If you don’t have a career as such, or even a job, you will still increase your standing and confidence. People will look to you for leadership. You aren’t usually materially ambitious, but the admiration you generate will be gratifying. FOCUS ON increasing your personal power and accepting managerial roles.


Travel is highlighted, but this is by no means restricted to physical travel. Adventures are also offered mentally and spiritually. In fact life may become just one big ‘WOW!’ Of course this is amazing, but you must be careful not to try to shoot off in umpteen directions and scatter your energies. Choice may be hard but it is essential for true progress now. FOCUS ON being ‘in the moment’ with new experiences, committing to further education, spiritual development and/or visiting exotic parts of the world.



The opportunities available for your sign over the coming twelve months have hopefully inspired and uplifted you. However, if you don’t quite understand anything or you want more information and advice, our team of insightful Readers is waiting to hear from you. Why not contact us today for the boost you’ve been longing for.

PUBLISHED: 26 October 2017
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