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Jupiter In Sagittarius


This November Jupiter, planet of good fortune and positive thinking, moves into Sagittarius.  This is important because Jupiter rules Sagittarius, making his influence especially powerful over the whole of the coming twelve months.  Learn how this will affect you and – most important of all – how you can use this to improve your life and your happiness.




The touch of excitement you adore will be yours in abundance.  Investigate new ideas, make fresh starts and relish that sense of freedom.  Of course you should be optimistic, but don’t let that make you rash.  You won’t lose out if you pause to weigh things up and discuss your options.  With that bit of advice in your back pocket, go for every chance you get to explore other beliefs and cultures, travel mentally and physically and do as many things as possible that you’ve never done before.


Money and security are always important to you, not because you are mercenary but because you appreciate the simple gifts of life and you like to know where you stand.  The good news is a windfall could come your way, but Jupiter also has a deeper message, about your internal riches and resources.  Now is your chance to move on with any emotional hang-ups such as jealousy and nostalgia.  Be honest with yourself.  Letting go of stuff that’s been controlling you will leave you lighter, in the driving seat of your life and able to make even more of your assets.


Partners and close friends have so many gifts for you this year.  Some will be material, but the ones you treasure most will be support, encouragement and the opportunity to develop yourself.  If you’re single now could be when you meet an amazing someone.  If you’re hitched, your relationship can blossom.  A new best friend could also be on the horizon.  All you have to be a little bit careful of are people who promise more than they can deliver, emotionally or financially.  Apart from that, enjoy and feel grateful!



Your daily routine will seem less of a treadmill and more of a treasure-hunt.  Yes, it really can be that good!  Fulfilment, success and those little every day jewels of inspiration and satisfaction – notice them all.  You’ll realise almost anything can be fun if you look at it the right way.  Usually you’re a careful person, so don’t let that slip because carelessness with details could trip you up.  But don’t let that worry you.  Things are on the up and your health and vitality should blossom, so chill out and live for the moment.





You’re going to love being the star of the show over the next year.  You can strut your stuff and get the applause – your talents will be appreciated!  Take every opportunity to get yourself noticed where it matters.  You may find yourself displaying abilities that you never even knew you had, as you relax and let your inner child out to play.  Romance looks dreamy, too.  Just one word of warning – don’t go over the top and never steal ideas and attention from someone else who deserves them.  You really don’t need to!





Home and family will be rewarding and something from the past may come to light that makes you feel better about your relatives and forbears.  In fact now would be a great time to research your family tree.  DIY projects and anything you do to beautify or extend your home – including moving house – should bring you pleasure.  Welcoming dear ones to your hearth will warm your heart, and your generosity will be appreciated.  But keep your natural discrimination and don’t fall for sob stories.  However blessed you feel you still need spare resources as a back-up.





You have a sharp mind and a clear head, and you’ll be able to display these at their finest over the coming year.  Sign up for courses – you’ll learn quickly and you’ll be led on to other interesting subjects and projects.  Avoid being too convinced you’re right, because although your reasoning may be correct you may not have all the facts.  As long as you remember this, the chances are you will be right!  Your intellect will gain respect and open doors.  You can communicate and debate with brilliance and gain academic success.





Material goodies are on their way and it’s possible that cash could fall in your lap.  It may look as if you’ve found the Money Tree but actually it’s just that your earlier efforts pay off and you get the rewards you deserve.  Generous gifts should arrive, and you have a choice.  Want something for nothing?  You’ll get a little bit.  Prepared to put in effort in a sensible business venture, earn bonuses or research investment opportunities?  Then you stand to make solid gains.  Just keep your head.  You’re shrewd enough to avoid dodgy deals – don’t let that change.





With Jupiter, your ruling planet in your very own sign you may feel like you own the world!  You’re right, of course, because happiness is a state of mind and you’ll be able to create it more easily now, just by appreciating everything.  In one way you do have everything you need, but it would be a shame to take everything for granted and rest on your laurels.  Do that and you risk feeling discontented when Jupiter moves off.  Far better to use this ‘can do’ feeling to achieve as much as you can.  That way you’ll gather a store of goodies to support you far into the future.





Be honest – you do take life a tad too seriously and you have a tendency to create your own barriers.  All this can dissolve now as your fears are shown to be groundless and your anxieties melt away.  It’s good to feel self-assured as people you may have thought were against you turn out to be harmless, or even supportive.  Your health improves as you’re more relaxed – that inner sensation of safety is balm to your soul.  Of course, it’s not advisable to be so mellow you get taken for a ride – but that’ll be the day!





Your social life is always important to you, and the coming twelve months could see you turn into a party animal.  If you’re the more reserved type of Aquarian, you’ll still find you flourish with new contacts, groups to join and events to attend.  All of this will be tremendously enjoyable, but you must be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.  Don’t burn the candle at both ends or accept responsibilities for organising and entertaining for which you don’t really have time.  Apart from this, laugh with new friends and party on!





Although you aren’t the most ambitious of souls you’ll feel those competitive juices flowing now.  If you have a career it should blossom.  Promotion is likely or maybe a complete change of direction.  Although you may flirt with status and authority, it would be a mistake to go against your true values, which are more about creativity and caring for others.  Listen to your inner voice, because it may be that the fulfilment you’ve always dreamt of can be yours by finding your real vocation.  Success is feeling good inside, not being top of the tree – but then you know that!





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PUBLISHED: 07 November 2018


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