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The June Birthstone


What is the birthstone for June? Learn the meaning of June birthstone, the benefits and the healing powers of the June birthstone colour…


Birthstones are gems or precious stones that are given as a gift to someone who was born in that month of the year. What is the birthstone for June? The birthstone of June is the ‘Pearl’, born from a mollusc in the depths of the ocean. Greeks believe that pearls were hardened tears of joy that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, shed as she was born from the sea. The Ancient Chinese thought the pearl originated from the brains of dragons and the Arab legend says that pearls were formed when oysters were lured from the ocean bed by the moonlight, swallowing moonlit dewdrops. The scientific explanation says that when a small fish or parasite lodges in the flesh of an oyster, a protective substance called ‘nacre’ is produced. Over a long period of time, the nacre continues to recoat the intruder, producing a shimmering pearl. Natural pearls are found off the waters of Japan, South Pacific Islands, Northern Australia, Panama, California, Venezuela and The Persian Gulf. Unlike the May birthstone colour of the brilliant green emerald, the June birthstone colours of the pearl can vary from white, pink, grey black or yellow and can be different shapes and sizes. The alternate June birthstones are Alexandrite gemstones and Moonstone gemstones.
The pearl is seen as a symbol of purity and love…




Pearls have been used in medicine to treat heart and stomach conditions, and they have also been ground up and used in cosmetics. Some cultures believe that the pearl has aphrodisiacal properties. Much like the May birthstone colour of the green emerald, pearls have adorned the clothes of royalty and were allegedly the favourite gemstone of Cleopatra. The pearl is seen as a symbol of purity and love, often given to celebrate marriage and the birth of a child. The meaning of the June birthstone represents loyalty, faithfulness, commitment and friendship. They are believed to encourage purity, modesty and chastity. The Alexandrite gemstones bring good luck and can predict good omens. They are said to strengthen creativity, intuition and bring balance and connection to the physical and spiritual world. The Moonstone denotes longevity, good health, healing to the heart and is a talisman for safe travelling.





Wearing gemstones in jewellery or keeping them close to you can benefit you with their healing properties:

– A calming influence for emotional and physical symptoms. Believed to be effective in treating health issues related to the heart, stomach and spleen. Emotionally, the pearl will bring healing to promote mental stability and can counteract hysteria or nervous tension.

ALEXANDRITE GEMSTONES – Aids the circulatory system and has a calming effect on the emotions. It can help create balance during upset, grief or anger.

MOONSTONE GEMSTONES – Helps to balance the digestive system and also helps to settle hormonal problems with women during pregnancy and childbirth. It balances emotions and brings a sense of calm when feeling overwhelmed.

They balance your karma, offer protection and strengthen relationships…





There are several benefits of birthstones that are believed to benefit the owner. Pearls are said to attract wealth and luck, as well as symbolising wisdom which is acquired through experience. They balance your karma, offer protection and strengthen relationships. They are believed to also protect and keep children safe. Pearls encourage the wearer to be generous, kind, have integrity and purity. The June birthstone colour of pearls can also have specific properties, such as ‘pink’ for success and good fortune, ‘white’ for beauty, new beginnings and innocence, ‘blue’ for finding love and a soulmate companion, and ‘black’ for wealth and prosperity. Alexandrite is believed to increase psychic and intuitive awareness so much that the wearer may be able to predict an outcome or event. The Moonstone brings passion, intuition, success in love, protection and good fortune. It is a good luck stone and will bring inspiration and positive emotions to the wearer.





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PUBLISHED: 3 June 2016

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