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The Powerful July Birthstone


What is the birthstone for July, how is it powerful for July born people and the meaning of the July birthstone…


What is the birthstone for July? The July birthstone is the ruby and the name is originated from the Latin ‘ruber’ meaning red. The ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones, making them harder to find than diamonds. It is one of the four most precious stones, alongside the diamond, the sapphire and the emerald. Ruby gemstones are made from an aluminium oxide mineral with chromium, known as red corumdum, and it was only recognised and given its own name in the 1800’s. All of the remaining varieties of corundum are selected as sapphires.
Value their powers so that you can benefit from them…




Alongside brilliant red ruby gemstones are the pearls. Pearls are created when an oyster covers an object within the layers of the nacre. Pearls were rare because they were difficult to find as an organic gem, but nowadays they are cultured and manmade to a certain extent. Shell beads are now placed inside the oyster and then the oyster is put back in to the water where the it covers the beads with layers of nacre. Oysters are mostly produced in warm waters, namely Japan and the South Pacific. The red ruby and the pearl are the birthstones for July and have a powerful energy for July born people. Understanding the meaning of July birthstone can enlighten you, enabling you to value their powers so that you can benefit from them.
Pearls are rich with femininity, making the wearers feel calm, serene and beautiful…




When a ruby is worn as a piece of jewellery, it emits the July birthstone colour of an infra-red ray in the sunlight. It is believed to give healing powers to headaches, fevers, colic, indigestion, eyesight problems and bones. It is said to protect the wearer, giving them power and kudos and in particularly is a positive influence for artists, musicians, engineers, legal experts such as high court judges, senior executives, politicians and people in management. It is excellent for improving and enhancing those who are in a superior position, enriching their authority and making them a positive influence on others. The ruby also protects the wearer from rivalry, disputes and jealousy. Pearls, which are the significant gemstones for those born under the sign of Cancer and the July birthstone colour of silver white, are believed to represent and encourage wisdom, purity, honesty and integrity. The pearl assists us in looking at ourselves, inspiring us to reflect the best and most positive sides of our character, so that we act with dignity. Pearls are rich with femininity, making the wearers feel calm, serene and beautiful. It boosts our self-acceptance, symbolising innocence and helping us to help others with a pure heart.





Both ruby gemstones and pearls have their own healing powers which are absorbed by the person through wearing jewellery or holding the stone in their hand.
THE RUBY: July birthstone colour of red, symbolising power.

  • HELPS EMOTIONS – If you are feeling emotional or overwhelmed, the ruby calms the emotions and promotes happiness
  • INTEGRITY – The ruby encourages us to be honest, truthful and to have integrity in all that we do.
  • POWER – If you need strength or authority in a particular situation, the ruby gives us control, supremacy and capability, still working alongside integrity.

THE PEARL: July birthstone colour of white, symbolising purity.

  • PEACE OF MIND – The pearl encourages peace of mind and clarity, having a calming energy that helps us to be honest with ourselves and those around us. 
  • DEVOTION – Rubies are renowned for helping the wearer to have loyalty and devotion to those they love or operate with on a daily basis.
  • FEMININE POWER – As one of the most feminine gemstones, the ruby emits a female energy that connects us to act with kindness, love and charity.

The July birthstones of ruby and pearl, both are Mother Nature’s tokens of peace and harmony…




Birthstones are the gemstone that represent the month that we are born, also according to our astrological sign. If we choose to have or wear a gemstone that is relevant to our month of birth, we are enlightened with their powers, which can influence how we behave, how we feel and how successful we are. The July birthstones of ruby and pearl are Mother Nature’s tokens of peace and harmony. They are beautiful stones of power, promoting strength in ourselves, integrity and nobility. They help us to attract peace in our lives, good luck and good relationships with friends and loved ones.





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PUBLISHED: 8 July 2016

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