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Is this your year?
Is this your year?

2013 has descended upon us rather swiftly. It doesn’t seem a minute since the clock struck 12 in 1999, ushering in the millennium. Maybe you’re asking where the time has gone? Perhaps you’re reflecting on how your life has turned out; pondering where you want to go now. Esther, one of TheCircle’s most popular readers, shows you how to go about getting what you want in 2013.


There are many different perspectives on what each year symbolises. 2011 was viewed as a universal awakening. Then some saw 2012 as the real beginning of the Age of Aquarius, which was about truth and working on the self. If ‘the point of power is in this present moment’, will you make 2013 your year?

Everything we desire is there for the taking, but sometimes it is hard to know where to start. So maybe a little reflection is required to help you decide what you want in 2013. To help expand and empower clients to see the bigger picture and to fully grasp what they can truly aspire to I usually ask this question:


“If you were to wake up tomorrow and do something that you were passionate about and enjoyed, something that wouldn’t feel like work, what would that be?”


Perhaps it would be going back to study, to achieve a new qualification, to try a new dance class, to travel, to start your own business …

Whatever it would be, use this question to think about what you truly want for your life this year.I then ask my clients to visualise what they want, emoting the experience. I ask them what they see, how they feel, what can they hear. Bringing the whole experience alive in their minds can then only manifest into their reality. Start asking yourself what you really want out of this year. And this will be your first step to achieving it. Then, who knows, it really could be your year.


How TheCircle can help?

If you want clarity, guidance and support to make a decision about your life in 2013, then TheCircle is a good place to visit. What I personally love about giving readings is that clients get a detailed insight into their lives. This often offers them a more expansive and fresher perspective, which then opens up many more possibilities. The other benefit of speaking to a psychic is that you get to speak to someone who truly cares.


The world can often be a cold and lonely place. When you pick up the phone, and select someone who you connect with, you enter into a space of confidence and trust. Maybe, for the first time in years, you feel that someone truly understands you.  In addition, many psychics are gifted in other areas. Many are life coaches or counsellors with a wealth of knowledge about personal development, offering you a potpourri of advice from a 360 degree angle.




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