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Influences of the Lunar Eclipse in March 2016


When is the next Lunar eclipse? The next lunar eclipse is on 23rd March. So how does the moon eclipse influence us and what areas of our life can it affect?


Whether it’s solar or lunar, eclipses are a way for the universe to get us thinking and paying attention to the areas in our life which are due for change. It can feel like a dramatic shake up or in contrast a gentle uprooting, but it is often an influence which will leave us feeling surprised. They want us to make a change and mature in our knowledge and astrologically they will affect all of the star signs. The next lunar eclipse is on 23rd March. It will be visible from Australia, North America and Asia and will last for around 4 hours. We usually have 4 eclipses per year. Eclipses usually occur in pairs, corresponding with the new moon and full moons – as solar and lunar eclipses in turn.

The lunar eclipse is often an exciting event for stargazers and astrologers




An eclipse is when the moon appears blackened as it passes in to the earth’s shadow from the sunlight. There are 3 types of eclipses – the total, partial and penumbral, with the most dramatic being the total eclipse where the shadow covers the whole moon and it turns a deep red. On 23rd March it will be a penumbral eclipse of the moon and this happens when the earth, the sun and the moon align in a straight line. The earth will block some of the sun’s light and cast a shadow on the moon. The lunar eclipse is often an exciting event for stargazers and astrologers, although years ago it was feared when it occurred because people had no understanding of what was happening.





More often than not the eclipse brings interesting big news and monumental events for us. See what happens this March and make a note of any news that you hear during the eclipse of the moon, including 4 days before and 4 days after. These things may not happen directly to you but instead it may be family or friends around you. Such life events could be:

  • A new job or promotion within your company
  • Engagement or marriage
  • News of a birth or pregnancy announcement
  • The sale or purchase of a house
  • Important and unexpected meetings with people
  • The beginning of a new course or study
  • End in negative relationships or a decision to divorce

Don’t despair it could be the effects of the lunar eclipse; this influence will pass soon!




Certainly astrologically, star signs are very much influenced by an eclipse of the moon. Cancer star sign is ruled by the moon and they may intensely feel the effects of the lunar eclipse, making them feel more sensitive, but sometimes having an opposite effect where they get the strength to show their opinions and feelings. This lunar eclipse is in fellow water sign Pisces and will give Pisces the determination to potentially make some pretty big life changes. It gives us a dramatic drive to speak openly and want to change anything which is not working correctly. All the star signs may feel a shift in certain areas of their life and the need to want to improve things, but may momentarily struggle with communicating this. Stronger emotions may be felt, desire and attraction may be more intense, decision-making in relationships work and the home may feel more difficult. If you’re going through a tricky time and you’re finding everything ten times harder suddenly, don’t despair it could be the effects of the lunar eclipse; this influence will pass soon!

Make a concerted effort to be aware that the lunar eclipse may be affecting you and others





The next lunar eclipse on 23rd March seems to be a friendly one, heavily influenced by planet Mercury who encourages us to transform our life and helps us to move things forward for the better. The only challenging aspect shows that it could be an emotional time which could affect communication between others, relationship issues and possibly opposed thinking in negotiation and debates. Although Sun conjunct Mercury actually increases interaction with others and stimulates our minds for talking, thinking, writing, reading and encouraging physical activity. Make a concerted effort to be aware that the lunar eclipse may be affecting you and others around you, think twice before you communicate your feelings. Clear thinking during this time is definitely beneficial and encourages others to do the same, potentially increasing good communication between you. Make sure you are on the ball, having quick reflexes in a tricky situation will serve you well. Mercury rules the nervous system so make sure that you make time to relax at the end of the day and renew your energy.

PUBLISHED: 11 March 2016


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