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Do you wonder if your future is written in the stars? Our talented Astrology and Horoscope Readers will tantalise you with detailed information regarding any romantic dalliances that may be in store for you. The stars can uncover suitability and compatibility in any relationship and can show predestined events and occasions that life has in store for you.


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Our most recent Horoscopes articles

Western Zodiac - Aries

Those born under Aries are energetic, organized, natural born leaders with an unquenchable thirst for the best that life has to offer.


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Western Zodiac - Capricorn

Capricorns are defined by a belief in order and tradition, often thriving within structured settings with clear rules.


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Western Zodiac - Gemini

The third sign of the zodiac, the Gemini star is one that inspires confusion, excitement and exhaustion in equal measures.


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Western Zodiac - Leo

The Leo sign is often considered to be the royalty of the zodiac. Leos can be immensely popular but hard to pin down.

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Western Zodiac - Libra

Being the most balanced sign in the zodiac can have its drawbacks, as a closer look at the sign of Libra can reveal.


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Western Zodiac - Pisces

Empathetic, generous and often emotional, the genuine nature of those born under the Pisces sign can make them great to be around.


Find out what other traits Pisces are said to have...




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