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Horoscopes and the impact they have on our lives


There is a popular belief that we create our lives with our own thoughts, words and actions.  If we take this thinking and bring it into our daily routine, then whatever we think, do and say sets the tone for our whole day.  Now that is an interesting thought. With the universal use of modern technology, our phones can be the first thing we reach for in the morning, as we check texts, messages and emails.  We also check newsfeeds and our horoscopes.


If our thoughts upon waking are along the lines of what we have to get done that day, then we are immediately thinking of the pressures we face.  We feel tired before we even step out of bed.  If we then read our horoscopes and they are not bursting with a positive message, then this too can set the tone for our whole day.

Maybe we catch up with our horoscope at lunchtime.  If you have been having an OK day up to this point, what happens when you read a prediction that suggests a negative happening?  The suggestion has been planted in your head.  How many of us can really say that our thoughts, words and actions are not changed by what we have read?



We have the power to control the things


Astrology has its place in our world, but we control the things that have an impact on us, especially the things that we allow to influence our daily lives.

We are told that horoscopes are entertaining and harmless fun.  They are, unless they impact in a negative way on your life.

We make hundreds of choices every single day on what we think, say and do.  Some outside things have a very real effect on us.

Astrology itself is different from the daily predictions that are printed every day.  The study of planetary positions and their impact on us, our lives and our characters, is very different from suggesting in a horoscope that a certain event is going to happen for one twelfth of the population (under each sun sign) on any given day.

If something does ‘throw’ your day and knock you off balance, then turning to a trusted friend or loved one can restore your balance.  If you feel the need for an unbiased view then a psychic reading from one of the gifted readers at TheCircle can help you when you need to get your day back on track.

We give power to any action we take and we choose what sets the tone for our day.


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