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Happy Birthday Picses


Your birthday has come around and what better time could there be for taking stock.  Remind yourself of your talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead.





Yours is the final sign of the zodiac, and some people say you have little bits of each of the other signs, all rolled into one!  This can make you very changeable – sometimes even you don’t quite know who you are, but it makes life interesting!   Being extremely adaptable, you can fit in anywhere and cope with anything.  Not much fazes you, for you have profound insight into humanity. You feel for the troubles of the world and will often sacrifice yourself to try to help.  Your friends know they can turn to you for support and sympathy, and your home may be full of waifs and strays needing shelter.  Artistic and very imaginative, you are an extremely creative person – this can come out in all sorts of ways, from dancing and drama to painting, sculpture and writing poems and stories. 


Your intuition is strong and accurate – you should always listen to the ‘knowing’ sensation, deep inside, for sometimes you ignore it and let yourself be taken for a ride.  Sensing spirit presence, seeing the auras of others and getting a ‘feeling’ about what’s going on probably happen to you all the time – unless, of course, you’ve subconsciously decided to be one of those Pisces who blocks all that off.  This can make life simpler, but less fulfilling. 


Your emotions are powerful, and sometimes you need to escape from the world to get some respite – you may do this by becoming a hermit for a while, or just by day-dreaming.  You are aware that you can change things by dreams, and creative thinking comes naturally to you.  In your career you need a lot of flexibility and the knowledge that you’re making the world a better place.  In your relationships you can place your lover on a pedestal, and when they fall off it you may be devastated.  Yes, sometimes you may tell a little lie or two, because plain old ‘reality’ may not seem that important, but when you find ‘The One’ you are utterly devoted.  Generous, easy-going and sensitive, you nonetheless have a core of great strength – you are in contact with sources of energy that are not of this world and when you open out to them you’re unbreakable.



•    You may appear weak, reflecting the person you’re with, so if someone doesn’t like you it may be because they don’t like themselves!  That doesn’t happen often because your charm is second to none.  However, remind yourself to stick with what’s valid for you.
•    Sometimes you get so confused you haven’t a clue about your next step.  So stop and reflect.
•    You often evade unpleasant things hoping they will disappear, but how often does this work?  Learn to confront, deal, and move on.
•    Your imagination can run away with you, positively and negatively.  Give yourself regular reality-checks.
•    Depending too much on others can mean you get in a pickle.  Take responsibility and check everything yourself.




Your own planet Neptune is travelling through your sign, bringing out all your imagination and mysticism.  This needs to be focused or it could run away with you – make sure there is some artistic venture to absorb you and/or that you are involved in meditation/mindfulness work that gives structure to your inner visions.  While you are expressing all this abstract and inspiring stuff, your career is also calling you and you will need to put in some effort, getting more qualifications, taking on more responsibility and generally taking stock.  From late summer onwards your relationships will bring you some wonderful opportunities.  If you’re single make sure you get out and about because there’s every likelihood you could hook up with a soul-mate.  If you’re happily hitched, you’ll be able to enjoy great times together and some special good fortune could come your way, through your dearest.   2015 looks like an interesting year in which your view of yourself, and the world, could change dramatically, for the better.

Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever be a background sketch.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.


PUBLISHED: 19 March 2015

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