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Happy Birthday Gemini


Your birthday has come around and what better time could there be for taking stock. Remind yourself of your talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead.



Your sign is Mutable Air, making you chatty, adaptable and quick-witted. Your friends may think of you as the up-beat life and soul of the party, full of interesting ideas and news. Or you may be a quiet Gemini, but you are always ‘in your head’ gathering information and analyzing things. You’re very easily bored, so if there isn’t plenty going on you may make something happen by asking questions, telling jokes or with a little mischief. You can be a bit of a tease, but you don’t mean to be spiteful and you could be upset or even bewildered when you realise you’ve touched someone’s raw nerve.  Variety is essential to you – plain old same old drives you crazy and whatever your occupation you need to be moving about and communicating. Texting, whatsapp, instagram – you love them all, and you’re usually ahead with the latest gadget. Impulsive, with an interest in lots of things, you love a little retail therapy and you can be extravagant. However, you are active and resourceful when it comes to earning money. In relationships you enjoy flirting, and even when you’re committed you still like to window-shop. But underneath all the playfulness you have sound principles, and you don’t like complicated emotions. Often you aren’t quite sure how you feel, and it’s as if there are several voices in your head telling you different things. You like a calm partnership where there’s plenty of discussion and a meeting of minds – probing, heavy scenes and jealousy are difficult for you. You have a wonderful talent for getting on with people, selling yourself and also for using the written and spoken word. Sparkling and dynamic, your friends love you for the giggles and gossip  - round you there is rarely a dull moment! 


Sometimes you can be unreliable – it’s not that you mean to let people down, you just get distracted.
You can be a tad nosey – remember, not everyone is going to feel comfortable telling you their business.
Committing yourself can be hard, but you need to give up on some options if you’re to get hold of anything worthwhile.
Being superficial is okay, but remember there are deeper levels and others may want to know how you’re really feeling if they are to relax with you.
Try not to be afraid of your emotions.  They won’t overwhelm you.


Your social life continues to keep you busy. Try not to dash here and there making sure you don’t miss anything – look for people and attitudes that will offer something meaningful, such as alternative ways of running your life, exploring and embracing changes. After October, the planet Saturn moves into your house of relationships and remains there for two years. Saturn brings realism, responsibility and hard work. If you have been delaying committing you will need to make a choice. Existing partnerships may involve increased effort and duties, but the rewards – and there will be plenty – are worth it and they’ll stay with you long-term. Jupiter in your house of home and family from mid-August onwards brings you many joys. You could move house to somewhere with more space, or extend what you have. Either way, your dwelling will become more comfortable and impressive. There may be additions to the family, through marriage or birth, bringing happiness and laughter. Career-wise, your imagination will serve you well, so take note of your dreams and visions, and never tell yourself anything is impossible!  The coming twelve months offers you opportunities for achievement and fulfillment.  Make them count!
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