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Happy Birthday Aries


Your birthday has come around and what better time could there be for taking stock.  Remind yourself of your talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead.




Yours is the first sign of the zodiac, and you show this in your sense of adventure and competitive approach.  You like to try new things and you make a good leader, because you inspire other people with your enthusiasm.  Mostly you’re energetic, with a ‘have-a-go, lets-get-on-with-it’ attitude.  Not the most patient of people, you can land yourself in interesting situations through being impulsive.  Some might say you’re rash, but to you life is for living – why hang about?  If someone needs your help you give it 101% and you may fight battles for people, even some they don’t want to fight!  You’re brave and determined, with great courage when you feel strongly about something, but sometimes you pick a fight when there’s no need. 

The great thing about you is you’re up-front and genuine, so everyone knows where they stand with you.  You own up to your mistakes – you’d be too proud to shift responsibility onto anyone else, and so people respect you.  Honest and open, you can be a bit of an innocent in relationships, expecting everyone to have your own truthful attitude, and you can be blind to hidden agendas.  You’re very passionate and devoted, but you may not always see what your partner is really like, or what they truly want, unless they spell it out.  Your outspoken ways sometimes mean you hurt without meaning to, but you are always there to support your partner, and even fight their battles.  Despite your quick temper you never bear a grudge.  Tomorrow is a new day, and life at your side is exciting and fulfilling.



•    You charge at life, hell for leather – it will help if you can stop and think!
•    Try harder not to lose your temper.  It so often makes things worse for you.
•    Don’t be so pushy!  You may not even realise you’re doing this.  If you think about the effect your actions are having on others you’ll be more likely to get your own way.
•    Nothing can stop you getting carried away by your feelings, especially in love, but remember not to commit too much, too quickly.
•    Slow down!  If you stop going at 100 miles per hour you will spot more things to enjoy!




Rebellious Uranus is in your sign for the coming year, and beyond.  This means that you will be making some big changes.  Try to be aware of what you aren’t happy with and take steps.  Avoid getting pushed to the point where you act irrationally, because then there’s the danger you could cut off your nose to spite your face.  Sweeping things under the carpet is not going to work, because you’ll explode.  However, you now have the energy to make your dreams real, if you’re clear-headed.  The planet of good fortune, Jupiter, is bringing you chances for romance and creativity.  If you are single, thrilling encounters lie ahead, if you’re hitched make time to schmooze your lover and find new aspects to your relationship.  In October you will have promising circumstances at work, especially around 18th, so build on these.  Career prospects look exciting well into next year.  The next twelve months hold some amazing opportunities.
Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever be a background sketch.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.


PUBLISHED: 15 April 2015

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