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The Love of a Gemini Woman


Find out how to attract a Gemini woman. Witty, charming and highly intelligent – the Gemini woman compatibility and a Gemini woman in love.


The Gemini woman is a law unto herself! She is bubbly, energetic and the life and soul of the party. The Gemini sign is a twin, so there are two sides to her personality which can often can come across as quite a contradiction in itself. She has a restless energy so while she may be calm and focused one minute, the next she may be bored and need to quickly find something else to do. People may say that this side to her character makes her unreliable, and although she can change her opinions or plans constantly, she will not be disloyal and will always be a good friend. Gemini woman traits make her very intelligent and clever. She has an innate ability to be witty, amusing and quick with her humour and she is a true chatterbox in every sense of the word. A Gemini woman is charming and there will never be any awkward silences as her ability to fill the gaps with her thoughts and opinions are never-ending.





Gemini woman traits make her passionate for change which means it can be difficult for her to commit and stick to one job for a long time. Her natural curiosity and inquisitiveness means that she soaks up knowledge and facts like a sponge, archived in the depths of her very busy mind. She needs to feel challenged and makes a great communicator, so she could easily work in a powerful position in a company. Ideally a Gemini woman profession would be in a company which has a lot of variety, or if she is financially secure – she would be happy volunteering for a charity. She would make a good teacher as her students would benefit from her infectious, lively energy. She would work well in communications where she would feel her opinions and outspokenness would be valued and challenged. The Gemini woman traits would make her an excellent salesperson, with her persuasive and charming persona, she could sell anything to anyone. One thing for sure is that whatever career a Gemini woman chooses, she must have variety, otherwise she will get bored and move on.
This lovable lady needs excitement in her life…




The Gemini woman will be attractive whether she’s wearing pyjamas and no make-up, or making a lavish statement in an evening dress. Her natural charm exudes an air of sincerity, wit and excitement. Her energy is like a ball of fire which attracts any man when she walks in to a room. This lovable lady needs excitement in her life, she is a charmer so must also feel she is being charmed too. She is highly intelligent so a Gemini woman in love needs her perfect match to be happy whiling away the hours discussing philosophy, culture and art. Her mind needs to be stimulated to keep her interest and her opinions challenged, so that she feels she is constantly communicating. She will then surprise you by acting completely the opposite, releasing her inner child and being incredibly funny with it. In short, if you want know how to attract a Gemini woman and to win her heart – challenge her, have intelligent conversations, admire her indecisiveness, make her feel sexy and enjoy being childish with her





A Gemini woman compatibility needs to be a man who understands her and someone who is an equally intelligent match:
THE ARIES MAN – You are both spontaneous, witty and charming. An exciting Gemini woman compatibility, as long as the relationship is grounded and you talk openly.

THE CANCER MAN – A sensitive and loving man who is fairly relaxed about Gemini’s ever changing plans. Both are sociable and love talking in to the early hours of the morning.

THE GEMINI TWIN – Two Gemini’s can be a good match as they fully understand each other. This might be a slightly disorganised house and social schedule, but they will flit through life happy!

THE LIBRA MAN – Both charming and fun, this couple will work in harmony to create a stable and loving home. Libra helps Gemini to focus but gives her the space to make her own plans too.
She is passionate in the bedroom!




Once a Gemini woman finds love and settles down, she is in all her glory. She is a loyal and loving partner who will often put you first (as long as you do the same for her!). She will be busy at home, keeping the house tidy and the garden manicured, and then off to work for the day in a flash. Her partner, family and children are dear to her heart and she will relish every second of motherhood. She will usually be the matriarch of the family and it’s likely that she will have several children. She is passionate in the bedroom and will want to make sure that she often has special time with her partner. She can be an emotional worrier and if something has upset her, she may need a few kind words to encourage her to speak out.





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PUBLISHED: 6 June 2016



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