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Nobody likes the sound of her own voice more than Ms Gemini!  She loves all the latest gossip and usually flits from topic to topic, like a butterfly.  She’ll make you laugh and keep your jaw dropped and your eyes wide, but will you find out much about her?  Maybe not….





She wants to know the ins and outs of everything under the sun and she may bombard you with questions – what’s happening with your friends and family, your job and pets, what you think of the latest news or soap opera.  It goes on and on.  However, you may get the impression she’s not really listening to the answers.  Once she’s got the gist of it, she loses interest.  Yes, she can be superficial, and she probably isn’t ashamed of it!  Banging on about boring stuff or getting all heavy isn’t her style, and she’s unlikely to go on about her feelings.  She likes variety and stimulation.  If you can keep Ms Gemini giggling you must have a very eventful life or a sharp wit.  You may be wary of telling her your secrets – will she spill them to the next person she natters with?  Probably not – after all, she wants people to know she can respect a confidence.  Although if it’s very juicy she may whisper in an ear or two – mentioning no names, of course! 




•    Being right up to date with the goss.
•    Asking questions.
•    Striking up new friendships.
•    Her smartphone!




•    People who won’t spill the beans.
•    Having to keep schtum.
•    Being left on her own.




    She loves an argument, but just when you think she feels passionately about something, she could start taking the other side!
•    She sometimes argues for the sake of it – after all, it’s fun to communicate.
•    Possibly she’s teasing – just trying to find out how much the subject matters to you.
•    If you get angry she could take the mick
•    If it’s really important to her, you’ll find out how clever she is with words.
•    Better make sure you’ve got all the facts – you’re about to find out how amazing her memory is.
•    Be logical and clear, or you’ll lose her respect.
•    Believe it or not, she may be convinced by reasonable, well-informed arguments – she’s not emotional or stubborn.
•    At the end you may find she’s been just kidding, has changed her mind or never really cared, anyway.





FACE TO FACE.  If you’re together she will enjoy showing you things to back up her information.
ON THE PHONE.  She’s practically surgically attached to her phone – what would she do without it?  She walks with it to her ear and has to leave it on the back seat when driving, because the temptation is too great!
E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC.  Fabulous for the kind of sound-bitey exhanges she likes, but to dish the dirt, chin-wagging is favourite. Facetime is brilliant, because she’s a continual multi-tasker and can get on with something else while you speak.
LETTERS.  She can’t be bothered with these although she might send you a party invite.
SPEECH-MAKING.  She’s quite highly-strung and may worry about this far more than you’d think.  She prefers to have someone take the stage with her, so the presentation can be a dialogue.
PARTIES.  She adores parties and can be socially hyper.  Dancing, gags, pranks and chuckling over tittle-tattle.  But her boredom threshold is low and she may disappear if it goes flat.

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PUBLISHED: 12 June 2015

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