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Dating a Gemini Man


Are you falling for a Gemini man? What are the Gemini man traits in relationships and what is a typical Gemini man profession? Find out about your Gemini man compatibility!


The Gemini man is very charismatic and he is the life and soul of the party. This lovable guy is as honest as they come and he cannot hide his feelings, which often makes him incredibly (yet adorably) outspoken. He is an extrovert which makes him attractive, and his intelligence and curiosity for life allures potential lovers. The Gemini man traits make him very much a cards on the table type of person, what you see is what you get – like it or not. Of course this enables people to know exactly where they stand with this guy and his no-nonsense approach makes him direct, sincere and even more lovable. The Gemini man may be an acquired taste for some, and perhaps people who are more private or reserved in their feelings, may find him a challenge to be around. He may not purposefully offend, he just says it how he sees it and sometimes may not be particularly empathic to others’ feelings.





Even if he sometimes has a poor short-term memory, the Gemini man seems to absorb knowledge like a sponge. His natural inquisitiveness helps him to learn quickly and it seems that the majority of Gemini men generally have a high IQ, enabling them to succeed at whatever they choose to do. A Gemini man profession may not be stuck at for long, as they easily get bored and often feel the need for change and a new challenge. It is important that he chooses something which will give him long-term interest, so that he sticks at it. A typical Gemini man profession is a career that gives satisfaction, where they feel they can make a difference or where there is variety in the role. Whether it’s teaching, working for a charity, radio, TV or a position in the communications industry, their perfect job must have diversity.
Give him a chance and you will find his sweet and generous nature very appealing…




This man is without doubt a charmer. Once he is interested in someone, his curiosity gets the better of him and he needs to know all about you. The first date is likely to be interesting! He is an energetic and amusing character which will no doubt draw attention to you both in a public place. He may not give an excellent first impression as he may be nervous and could therefore say some rather odd and unexpected things! However, give him a chance and you will find his sweet and generous nature very appealing once he’s relaxed with you. If you want to know how to attract a Gemini man, simply be yourself, release your inner child, be open and honest – and have fun!





Star signs that are most compatible with the Gemini man are:

THE GEMINI WOMAN – The Gemini man and woman are a good match with their intelligent minds and thirst for knowledge. Watch out for the bedroom fireworks!

– An ideal love match, especially in the bedroom. This couple know how to communicate well and have mutual interests in art, culture and socialising.

THE AQUARIUS WOMAN – A warm heady mix of love and understanding. This couple exude romance and compatibility and will have a solid friendship underneath the hearts and flowers.

THE WILD CARD – A Sagittarian woman lights the interest of the Gemini man. Her passion and directness is appealing, so the instant attraction is inevitable. Whether this relationship will last is uncertain – but possible.

He is a committed family man, bringing love and laughter to family life…




The Gemini man in love is a devoted and loyal partner. Once he has found his perfect woman, he will adore her and love her for the rest of his life. He is a committed family man, bringing love and laughter to family life and takes fatherhood very seriously. He can be the stay at home father, making sure that his children have the most solid upbringing and emotional stability he can provide. The Gemini man in love is a dependable and solid lifetime partner.





There is often a lot of truth in whether star signs are compatible because of the general characteristics and traits involved. Everyone will have other planets that influence them astrologically which can also change compatibilities between people. If you would like to find out if there is a future between you and a potential partner, why not call the UK’s most gifted psychics at TheCircle. Get detailed insight to your current relationship or find out if love is coming your way soon.



PUBLISHED: 1 June 2016



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