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Gemini Man Love




He’s sociable, he’s witty, he’s fascinating.  But does he mean what he says?  And who else does he have on speed-dial?




Mr Gemini is here, there and everywhere.  He seems to be everyone’s best mate and just when you think you’re getting close to him, you find him whispering jokes into someone else’s ear.  Can you trust him?  Mr Gem does like to have a second string to his bow (just in case he gets bored!) but deep down he’s looking for that other Twin, to make him feel complete.  Of course, this Twin doesn’t really exist, except within himself.  His ‘Twin’ is his best, finest secret self, but he’s not keen on inwardly brooding so he may keep looking and find it hard to settle down.  Meanwhile, he questions everything.  He doesn’t mean to be deceptive, but he can’t help seeing things from different angles.  After all, who says a fella shouldn’t change his mind?  Take things lightly, see the funny side and have a few surprises up your sleeve.  Oh – and be his pal at all times.  Then he may just start to believe you’re his long lost ‘Twin’ after all!




•    Being intrigued.
•    Feeling his lover is also his friend.
•    Laughter and cheerfulness
•    A woman who plays different roles at different times.




•    Being tied down.
•    Plain old same old – turn around and he’s gone.
•    Heavy emotional stuff – he’ll make a joke of it and head for the hills.




Keep it all casual and cheerful if you want to rock his socks off.  Even hints about emotional needs are a no-no.
•    Smiling and giggling are sexy as long as you get your timing right.
•    Share your views and opinions and be prepared to argue intelligently if he doesn’t agree (which he probably won’t!)
•    Have some mystery – definitely don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.
•    Don’t give a straight answer to all his questions.
•    Slightly kinky could do the trick – think masks, boots, costumes.
•    Be patient about a second date – he might not ask immediately.




ARIES  Interesting and sparky, although Aries could get snappy at being messed around.
TAURUS  A difficult mix, but if Taurus can be patient the stability can soothe Gem  
GEMINI  Great fun – if you can find time in your packed diaries…
CANCER  She needs all her wisdom and womanly wiles – and she could feel lonely.
LEO  Gem is spellbound – for a while.  But if she tries to boss him he’s gone.
VIRGO  Argue, argue argue – the truth is you both enjoy it.
LIBRA  Her charm and fairness convince him she’s his ‘other half.’
SCORPIO  You’ll drive each other crazy but the attraction could be compelling enough to last.
SAGITTARIUS  Life’s an adventure for you both but will it work taking it together?
CAPRICORN  Her coolness turns him on, but can he cope with the control?
AQUARIUS  Great to meet such an independent funky female – he could be smitten.
PISCES  She keeps him guessing, but her emotional needs confuse him.

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PUBLISHED: 5 June 2015

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