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This guy usually has a clever comment at the tip of his tongue.  You may have a long conversation with him, but at the end of it, will you really know much about him?  Probably not.




Mr Gem can talk his way into, or out of, just about anything.  As you listen to him sounding off, you may assume he feels strongly about the subject.  But sometimes, if too many people agree with him, he’ll take the other side, just for fun.  He’s well informed, with a good memory for names and facts, but he generally prefers to know something about everything, rather than everything about something.  Occasionally you’ll meet a quiet Gemini man, but notice his eyes!  They won’t be missing a thing and he’ll store it all in his mega-brain.  Mostly he thrives on dialogue, and when you watch him making eye contact and gesturing you’ll think he’s totally absorbed, only to spot him at the other end of the room, moments later.  However, he isn’t always chatting – he has to keep up with all the pings and dings on his smart-phone and tablet.  His thumbs move as fast as his tongue, and sometimes both at once.  Gemini loves doing two things at the same time and being able to hold two conversations simultaneously is just brilliant!  





•    Sounding off.
•    Interesting debate
•    Gathering information.
•    Talking to as many people as possible





•    Being bored.
•    Not being listened to.
•    Ignorance






    Gemini loves an argument, but he may not see it in the same way as you do.
•    He may be arguing just for fun.
•    Maybe he’s just trying to draw you out and see how you react.
•    He may have lots of facts and figures to throw at you.
•    If you start to get the upper hand, he may cleverly change his attitude.
•    You need to stay light-hearted and smiling.
•    Make sure you know what you’re talking about.
•    Never get upset – he’ll tease you about it.
•    In the end act like it didn’t matter that much – or he’ll keep coming back for more.




FACE TO FACE  He loves to meet up, and he feels comfortable when he can reinforce his words with gestures.  Don’t expect him to concentrate on you, though.  He’ll have to answer his mobile. ON THE PHONE  He loves his phone and likes it best if he can hold a two, or even three-way conversation, with a phone at each ear and a screen in front of him! 
E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC  These are all fantastic and he does all of them, whenever he can.  If the technology lets him down he’s resourceful at sorting it – and anyway, he always has a back-up.
LETTERS.  He’s unlikely to bother with writing anything – too slow, and if he does then his scrawl may be hard to decipher!
SPEECH-MAKING  He’s great at speech-making, but he can be surprisingly on edge about it.  He knows this is his forte and he doesn’t want to let himself down or leave anything out.
PARTIES  He’s master of the cool chat-up, and he’s got the knack of circulating down to a fine art.  Several people may think he’s their new best friend, but he’ll only remember the fascinating ones.

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PUBLISHED: 9 June 2015





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