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Full Moon June 20th - Finding Fulfillment


Full Moon is a magical time when the world is vibrant and things come to fruition.  Many professionals, such as the police, nurses and teachers report that they are busier when the moon is full.  Creatures as diverse as salmon, oysters, bees and horses have been shown to respond to the moon, as do all plants. 


In humans effects may be more subtle.  Some people notice great changes in their energy-levels at Full Moon.  Dreams may be more vivid, and intuition may be especially strong as the subconscious mind is open and inner wisdom emerges.  The best way to find out how the moon affects you is to keep a diary – then you will be able to flow with these tides of energy.

In the following article we look at:
•    Why the Midsummer Full Moon is important
•    Ways to celebrate
•    Things to be careful of




This is because the Full Moon this year coincides with the Midsummer Solstice.  ‘Solstice’ means ‘standing still of the sun’, and at Midsummer the sun appears to remain still in the sky, for a few days, at the very height of its power.  So two cycles are culminating at the same time, making this a moment of great potency.

The Midsummer Full Moon will intensify emotions, bring things to a head and be a generally lively time.  However, all of this can pass you by unless you are aware of the energies and prepared to use them.  Make the Midsummer Moon your opportunity for fun and fulfillment.




This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, so adventure of all kinds is highlighted.  This means mental as well as physical, so be prepared to try anything new and also to see life in a new light.

Make sure you have some sort of party or gathering.  However, it would be great to make this something more than a knees-up.  Get friends together to talk about your plans and dreams for the future.  Encourage each other to commit to new and daring ventures. Remind each other of your abilities and support each other taking on challenges.  Each person should make a commitment, however small, and then you can have a feast, to celebrate.

If you are in a relationship, make this Full Moon a love-fest.  Spend time together with romantic meals, candle-lit baths, champagne, strawberries and rose-petals on the bed.  Make love outside, if you can.  Try something new together, but also make sure you talk and express your feelings.

If you’re not in a relationship but would like to be, there’s no better time to go out on the pull.  Choose activities such as sport or dancing, and let go of your preconceptions because romance could come in an unexpected package.

At home, take a fresh look at your surroundings.  Invest in some different soft furnishings, especially those that have a flavor of the exotic.  Move the furniture around – a change of arrangement will bring a shift in energy.  Buy magical ornaments for your garden, and water it liberally, for water-uptake is now at its greatest, in growing things.

Take very special note of your dreams, in relation to your career and future plans.  A note-pad by the bed is especially important now.  If you have colleagues, a brain-storming session would be productive, although it will be important to keep everyone calm.  Work late into the night to complete a project, if you feel so motivated – you can catch up on sleep as the moon wanes.  If you have funds, make a speculative investment – you could be lucky!




This Full Moon could be very extravagant.  Be careful that you don’t plunge into debt or risk more than you can afford to lose.  It’s also important not to say things you may later regret – this Full Moon may encourage too much honesty.  So if you want to work on your relationship, fine, but remember that once a remark is out it cannot be taken back.

Beware also of making assumptions.  Knowledge could be confused with wisdom at this time, but they are not the same thing.  Although you may have the facts you may not be interpreting them correctly, or there may be other perspectives.  
In general, avoid taking risks.  Trying something different isn’t the same as putting yourself in danger.  Impulsiveness and a devil-may-care attitude are in the air – just don’t go too far!




In this article we’ve looked at ways to enjoy Midsummer Full Moon and also things to be careful of.  Emotions can run particularly high at Full Moon and so if something is upsetting you it may be harder to cope.  Our Readers are always available with their insight, common sense and support, so why struggle to manage alone?  Call us today and feel so much better



PUBLISHED: 17th June 2016

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