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January Eclipse Of The Moon


In ancient times eclipses were believed to herald disaster. These days we aren’t so pessimistic, but eclipses can still mean a time of uncertainty and negativity. This often has an effect throughout the month before and the month following the eclipse. Each person responds differently, and like all astrological events they can be turned to the positive. Find out how to make the best of the January eclipse with our sign-by-sign guide.




You may find that you are upstaged and your creativity dries up. This could damage your confidence, but now you’re forewarned you’ll be able to deal with it. Make sure you prepare, check and check again when doing anything important. You do not have to impress your circle of friends – be your own clear-sighted critic and remember to appreciate yourself. RESOLVE TO protect your inner child and pursue your dreams in private.



Home life may be just a little disappointing. The support you need for your career aims may be lacking and work-life balance hard to achieve. However, with understanding and planning you can fit everything in and get a clearer sense of priorities. You don’t have to be perfect in every way – good enough will do.  Be prepared to delegate where you can. RESOLVE TO be patient with family members and focus on what’s best in them.




We all love to gossip but when it comes to tittle-tattle you often lead the way! There’s no harm in this, until you find yourself in possession of some important information and you’re not sure what to do with it. This may involve you in some soul searching which isn’t totally comfortable. However, this will make you a stronger and wiser person. RESOLVE TO check your facts and remember least said soonest mended.




Financially this can be a tight month, not helped by the demands and possible mismanagement of others. You feel safest when in control of your life, but at the moment there are matters you can’t quite keep tabs on. Relax! Your resourcefulness will rise to any occasion so don’t waste time and energy trying to be one jump ahead. RESOLVE TO look after the pennies as the pounds will look after themselves.




What’s happened to that cheerful smile and the spring in your step? It’s hard to be positive and when partners or colleagues try to burst your bubble with what they call ‘realism’ you could feel flat for a while. But when the going gets tough the tough get going, and these challenges will make you stronger RESOLVE TO press on with all your creative ventures and listen to your inner self.




One of the things that bring you most fulfillment is helping people and feeling really useful. So why is it that you can’t quite get it right? You’re so busy with all the routine matters in your life and it’s hard to fit in those kind gestures – and when you do you feel you’re letting important jobs slide. RESOLVE TO count what you do rather than what you don’t get round to and stop being your own worst enemy.




Your social life is important to you, which means that the lull you now experience makes you feel flat and even lonely. Arrangements may fall through and friends prove generally dissatisfying. You mustn’t let the absence of an audience stop you expressing yourself. Learn to please yourself and listen to your inner child. RESOLVE TO remain light-hearted and glam up your image, just for fun.




What’s happened to your ambitions and career aims? You find they are blocked, or possibly evaporate as you find them uninspiring or irrelevant. Don’t worry about your lack of motivation for a while. It will come back, but for now concentrate on your home environment and being cosy. RESOLVE TO practice mindfulness and stick to living moment by moment, day by day.




For you to feel good you need to have a higher purpose and a sense of deeper meaning to all you learn and do. When that runs dry this month you may close down. Nothing seems to light your fire and there seems little escape from the dullness of the month. Don’t give in – keep contacting people, planning trips and reading, until you eventually get motivated. RESOLVE TO plan a holiday/ retreat, or go on a course.




Realising that some people are jealous of you should be a compliment, so why is this making you uneasy? You may become paranoid, and find it hard to see the advantages you can get from associations with others, sharing and co-operating financially and emotionally. Don’t let this cripple you. RESOLVE TO try to be consciously grateful for what you have and enjoy little things.




A business colleague or life partner may let you down. This will probably be quite trivial, but you may see it as a breach of trust. By the same token, you may find your warm emotions for a ‘significant other’ simply disappear. Being an open person you may want to discuss this, but you’ll be better advised to wait till it passes – because it will! RESOLVE TO explore self-improvement and be tolerant.




You hate getting bogged down in trivia but that’s exactly what can happen because you may cut corners and get caught out. This can range from getting caught in the rain without an umbrella to forgetting to answer some important email and experiencing trouble at work. Prioritise for damage limitation. RESOLVE TO enjoy helping other people and let charity work take you out of yourself.




Now you know how to avoid the major hitches that can occur for you because of the Eclipse. It’s always good to be prepared, but it’s even better to be armed with personal advice, so call our team of Readers today, find out what the future holds for you and be encouraged.



PUBLISHED: 26 January 2018



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