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Save Your Valentine’s Day From Eclipse Blues


The effects of eclipses can still be felt during the following weeks. On February 11th the Full Moon is eclipsed in the sign of Leo. How can you deal with this and keep the negative vibes at bay? Our sign by sign guide tells it all.




Suddenly you lose your mojo – what’s happening? Its just a mood so don’t try to force yourself into your party clothes. Everybody feels flat sometimes so explain to your lover that it’s nothing personal. Going to the cinema or theatre could be a way of enjoying yourself without effort.
ROMANTIC RESCUE liberate your inner child and don’t be afraid to be a tad silly!



Something or someone from your childhood turns up to hang over you like a cloud and you may feel you’ve gone back a few steps, emotionally. Try not to analyse this too much or it could get out of proportion. Be in the ‘now’ and enjoy things as they are, for they are better than you think.

ROMANTIC RESCUE quiet evening at home with wine, roses and candles at your own dinner table.




Misunderstandings can arise in texts, emals and conversations. However hard you try, you or someone close to you could get the wrong end of the stick. Do your best to be clear, keep communication short and to the point and put aside sorting out deep matters for a few days.

ROMANTIC RESCUE a simple ‘I love you’ is rarely misunderstood.




Funds may suddenly run short and you may not be able to treat your lover as you would like. Or a gift that you receive may disappoint you. Does this really matter? You don’t have to pile on the bling to attract someone. Don’t get stuck in a materialistic place. Remember your true values. Love is what counts, cliché or not.

ROMANTIC RESCUE if you can’t afford to buy your lover anything, do something lovely for them instead.




For some reason you just may not feel your bouncy, flouncy self. Don’t put on an act – it’s ok to be a bit withdrawn. You set yourself high standards but you don’t have to prove yourself in order to be loved. Be content with being the supporting act and let your other half take the spotlight.

ROMANTIC RESCUE showing you’re vulnerable can bring you closer.




Be careful that you do not shoot yourself in the foot by saying or doing the wrong thing. Any thoughts or feelings you’ve repressed could pop out and shock even you. Be honest with yourself, then you will be aware and in control. Really putting yourself in your lover’s shoes will work wonders.

ROMANTIC RESCUE spill your craziest dreams and most secret fantasies – you may find they are shared.




Friends are not always the help and support they could be. Don’t let yours come between you and your loved one now. Ignore rumours and negative comments. As a couple spend time with groups of friends that are constructive, and be wary of mates who want to play Cupid.

ROMANTIC RESCUE charity and community projects can bond existing relationships and bring new ones.




If you let your career get in the way of your love life you risk being disappointed by both. Your need for a healthy work/life balance may now demand attention. There are bound to be some frustrations but don’t despair – love and success can go hand in hand!

ROMANTIC RESCUE always look your best and if you have an ‘other half’ praise them up.




Where has all the excitement gone? Life could suddenly feel flat and boring, and you may try to stir things up. But this could fizzle out leaving you feeling worse. So you need to be philosophical and look for the meanings in the situation. It’s part of a pattern and all will be revealed…

ROMANTIC RESCUE plan a getaway or weekend break for some time soon.




Changes you thought might be for the best are now looking dodgy, and it’s as if you’re standing on shaky ground. What’s going to happen next? One thing you mustn’t do is ‘awfulise’ the situation. It’s no way as bad as it seems and the crisis will pass, so stay cool.

ROMANTIC RESCUE share your feelings and drop the hard exterior, you’ll be surprised at the result.




All partnerships – not just romantic ones – need compromise and understanding and you may now feel you’ve been holding the wrong end of the stick. You just don’t ‘get’ it and you may feel utterly misunderstood. But as long as you let go of your native idealism and accept people are people this will evaporate.

ROMANTIC RESCUE least said soonest mended. Stay calm, play music and smile!




They say the ‘devil is in the detail’ and something you’ve missed (and may consider trivial) bites you on the bum. So now you may feel guilty and/or inadequate, chasing your tail to put things right. Ask yourself how much this really matters and put your own peace of mind first.

ROMANTIC RESCUE keep fit activity will make you feel sexy. Share it with a partner or look for eye candy.




We’ve looked at how each of the signs can be saved from negative eclipse effects, so check out yours and be positive. An eclipse can be challenging if you’re at all depressed or worried, and you may need personal help. This is always at hand with our dedicated and empathic team of Readers so put in a call today and be lifted.



PUBLISHED: 08 February 2017



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