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Coping With Retrograde Mercury August 2018


When Mercury goes ‘retrograde’, i.e. appears to move backwards in the sky, all sorts of delays and hiccups can occur.  Don’t get caught out.  Refer to our sign-by-sign guide and make the best of this tricky time.





You may feel quite unappreciated as your creative efforts strike a dumb note. The recognition you hope for is absent.  If you try to be romantic it doesn’t quite work and children are uncooperative.  Don’t sulk.  Brush up everything you do in private, analyzing how you can be more impressive and planning carefully.  Maybe you haven’t been quite true to yourself.  After 19th, come on with renewed confidence, but gently and carefully.  Gradually you’ll start to shine.




You know you can be blunt, but surely people are used to that?  Why are family members taking you the wrong way?  At home phones and computers seem to work when they feel like it and even messages pinned to the fridge are confusing.  Your mission is to avoid silly arguments.  After 19th begin to sort out who does what chores in the house, or meet up for a chat with family.  Don’t harp back on silly misunderstandings – go forwards with happy schemes.




Chatty and friendly, you always seem to know what’s going on with all your friends, but watch your tongue!  There’s a risk you could say the wrong thing to the wrong person and cause some misunderstanding that’s hard to unravel.  Take rumours from social media with a pinch of salt.  Until 19th it’s better to listen than to talk. Analyse everything.  Towards the end of the month you’ll be able to think clearly and learn some useful facts.




Security is vital to you so you may feel uneasy when your finances look wobbly.  Not that you’re losing big sums, but you could make mistakes adding up, not be able to get on-line to check your account or find payments to you are delayed.  In the shops what you want to buy could be sold out.  Don’t panic, this is manageable.  Pause and work out your budget.  After 19th fresh money-making opportunities will occur, mistakes will be ironed out and funds will be healthier.




A few little things that are dear to your heart have to go on hold.  This could involve almost anything, such as getting a friend to understand you, starting a new project or buying an outfit.  It’s as if when you reach out to the world you’ve got thick gloves on and can’t quite make contact.  Turn inwards and reflect on what you’d like to change in your personal expression.  After 19th those gloves will be off and you’ll make up lost ground with greater clarity and insight.




Self-criticism can make you your own worst enemy, but be aware that you’re shooting yourself in the foot now.  You may imagine that people are against you and react defensively when nothing of the sort is happening.  Now is a good time to step back, rest, and realise you’ve possibly got it wrong.  After 19th your chances to get things clear will increase and you’ll be able to show you can be constructive.  Settle old scores and move on.




Although your social life is important to you, at the moment it hardly seems worth it.  So many misunderstandings, puzzling Facebook posts and messed up arrangements!  By 19th you may promise yourself you won’t bother arranging outings or even meeting a mate for a coffee!  Don’t despair!  By the end of the month your friendship group should feel much more switched on.  In fact you may have more invitations than you can cope with, without having to send a single text!




Ambitions and career projects have to go on hold for a while.  If you’ve been hoping for a promotion this may be delayed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen – be patient.  This isn’t the best time to apply for jobs and courses.  Instead review your CV and clarify your goals.  After 19th you can get into your stride again and be better prepared.  Now would be a great time to find that fulfilling job or take steps to re-train.  You could be glad you waited.




Now isn’t the best time to take a holiday of a lifetime.  If you’ve booked yours, double check all arrangements, photocopy important documents and have a Plan B if possible.  Any long journeys could hit snags and that applies to mental journeys also.  If you’re studying or following a spiritual path you could get lost for a while.  Later in the month all will go much more smoothly.  Doubts will be dispelled and if you’ve had travel traumas you’ll be laughing at them!




Security is very important to you so it may make you uneasy to have problems and delays with insurance matters, tax affairs and any way in which you handle other people’s money.  You may also find it hard to sort some troublesome feelings that you don’t quite understand.  These will unravel after 19th as resentments are soothed and you will find you have reserves that you did not suspect both financially and emotionally.  This can change you for the better.




You feel you are trying your best but still you’re having problems with your partner, best friend or colleague.  However you try to explain yourself you seem to say the wrong thing.  Or maybe it’s you that’s getting the wrong end of the stick.  Why do relationships have to be so difficult?  Don’t worry – after 19th you’ll be able to talk things through properly and it will be like a breath of fresh air when it all gets resolved.



You find the nitty-gritties of life boring enough at the best of times, but now you could scream.  Simple equipment that you’ve relied on refuses to work, your job is tedious and you find it hard to complete chores.  All of this can affect your well-being, so you may suffer from minor ailments until after 19th when things start moving and all your patience is rewarded.  Then would be a great time to plan a fitness regime!
(Note on ‘retrograde’ planets.  Planets never actually go backwards.  That’s just a perception from Earth.  It happens when the Earth ‘overtakes’ a planet, like when a train overtakes a car on the road, the car may seem to go backwards in reference to the scenery behind it.  Astrology is based on the view from Earth because that is where we live and all that revolves around us is symbolic of the influences we are dealing with.  So retrograde planets are important in our lives and retrograde Mercury is noticed especially by astrologers as having delaying effects)



Now you know what to expect from Mercury, but more guidance would be are real asset in this potentially frustrating month.  For this call our wise Readers as soon as you can and find strength and clarity.



PUBLISHED: 07 August 2018



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