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Chinese Horoscopes
Chinese horoscopes chinese astrology year of the rabbit

Chinese Horoscopes and Chinese astrology have become popular in magazines and books, and lots of people now know what their animal sign is and what animal year we are in. It is not just the Chinese who now celebrate Chinese New Year, there are celebrations all over the world. In 2011 we entered the Year of the White Metal Rabbit on 3rd February and in 2012, we will enter the Year of the Dragon on 22nd January. As the New Year begins, this is often when we consult Chinese Horoscopes to find out what that particular year will bring for our animal sign.




We also like to read about which animal signs are compatible when we meet someone new or start a new relationship, and that's when the Chinese Horoscopes really come into their own. The knowledge they impart can help you to create and maintain the best relationships possible.


Origin of Chinese Horoscope


Chinese Horoscopes are based on the Chinese lunar calendar which originated with the Emperor Huang Ti. A complete cycle of 60 lunar years consists of 5 twelve year cycles.

Legend has it that Lord Buddha summoned all of the animals to come and say goodbye to him before he left Earth. Out of all the animals, only twelve showed up and to reward them and show his appreciation he named a year for each animal in the order they turned up. The Rat came first, then the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and last but not least, the Boar. In Chinese Horoscopes the animal that governs your year of birth is said to have a huge influence over your life. Does it make difference to your personality if you are a sensitive Rabbit or a fearless Tiger? Well, according to the Chinese it does!

In Chinese Horoscopes each animal sign is also combined with the five main elements which are Metal, Earth, Wood, Fire and Earth. So for example, if you were born in between February 18th 1977 to February 6th 1978 you would be a Fire Snake.

There is a lot to know and explore with Chinese Horoscopes but essentially it's the characters and personalities of the 12 animal signs that fascinates and intrigues us. We can learn a lot about ourselves from, as the Chinese put it ' the animal that hides in your heart'. Discover more about your Chinese Horoscopes for this month can reveal here!

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