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Chinese Year of the Sheep: What It Means for You


February 18th  2015 is Chinese New Year, when the Year of the Sheep begins.  Sheep Years are good for family matters, charity, peace and humanitarian causes.  Arts and fashion, trade and medical advances all make the news. 2003 was the last Sheep Year, when some of the largest mass rallies in history failed to stop the Iraq war, which ended in the capture of Saddam Hussein. Mother Teresa was beatified by the Pope and the Human Genome Project completed.   This should be a creative time, but new ideas might not take off because the vibe favours the tried and tested.


You can find your Chinese Animal by counting backwards to your birth-year, but remember that Chinese New Year varies, so if you were born in January or February, check your Animal on-line, to be sure.

RAT.  It all looks calm so you have a chance for a sort-out, especially financially.  With your ambitions in sight you have the time to heal rifts and be with family.  Be careful you don’t rely too much on your luck – as you do!  Make your goals more modest, and stick with what you know.

OX.  A lovely, romantic year is in store.  Your family life goes well and friends are empathic and supportive.  All those warm, fuzzy feelings are wonderful, but don’t take your eye off the ball because money-matters could be dodgy.  Best not to take risks.  Take one step at a time and delight in small pleasures.

TIGER.  A relaxing time is in store, but don’t just slob about.  Think about mindfulness classes and massage.  Grab any chance for some time off and don’t feel guilty.  Truthfully, you could be a tad bored at times, but it will do you good to slow down and reflect.  Learn to be content with tranquillity – it’s precious.

RABBIT.  You’re really going places, so make some changes in how you look, to maximise your chances.  There is magic in the air as your career progresses and your relationships thrive.  Don’t look for trouble – there isn’t anything waiting to pounce, unless you slip into negative thinking and create it.  Be constructive.

DRAGON.  The pace slows and there’s lots for you to enjoy in the way of exciting travel and encounters.  Keep an open mind about what attracts you – your tastes are changing and you could be surprised who you couple up with!  You know you can be impatient, but try to modify this.  Everything will fall into place if you let be.

SNAKE.  You’re a very magnetic character and you’ll be making a big impression.  Don’t be disappointed if benefits aren’t immediately obvious, because your patience will be rewarded.  Creative projects may seem to hit a wall, but don’t discard them.  Work to refine them and when the time is right they will take off.

HORSE.  Stick with the familiar and pursue what you know will give you pleasure and satisfaction – it doesn’t have to be flashy.  You may miss stimulation, but don’t make trouble looking for it.  Instead practice being ‘in the moment’.  Some interesting facts are right under your nose and there are good deeds waiting to be done.

SHEEP.  It’s your year, of course,  and the pastures will be green!  Everything looks amazing, but social life is especially zinging.  Relationships are dreamy and if you’re single that could change.  Home and family are warm and cuddly.  The danger is you could just lie back and enjoy all of this, instead of cashing in.  Don’t miss your chances.

MONKEY. Money-wise this is a fab year, as your cunning schemes pay off.  Travel is great fun and clever networking brings you helpful contacts.  However, there could be concealed pitfalls, so take care., especially about who you take into your confidence.  Least said soonest mended if you want your relationships to thrive.

ROOSTER.  With your projects going so well it’s not surprising you’re a bit puffed up but don’t get conceited or you could invite disaster.  If you rest on your laurels you could lose momentum, so keep at it, even though it’s healthy to slow down.  Time spent with loved-ones will reveal to you that you are luckier than you realised.

DOG.  You thrive on empathy and support and your feel-good factor is high and rising.  You can improve your domestic situation, although quite a few practical issues may let you down.  Don’t panic or let things get on top of you.  Things may be tedious but they aren’t tragic and you’ll be able to fix anything, with a little help from your cheer-leaders.

PIG.  Those creature comforts that you so love are yours in abundance!  You may be a hedonist but you rarely take pleasures to excess.  Remember what really brings you joy and don’t go OTT – why spoil a good thing?  Moderation in all things must be your motto this year, because if you let yourself down you’ll regret it.

Of course your Chinese astrology year is only a background sketch.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.

PUBLISHED: 16 February 2015

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