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Celebrity astrology: Jennifer Saunders
Celebrity astrology: Jennifer Saunders


Born on 12th July 1958, Jennifer has the sun in Cancer. The sensitivity of this sign can be an asset to an actress, and in Jennifer’s chart the square aspect of the sun to Jupiter gives her a large-than-life OTT quality ideal for playing Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous. However, Jennifer’s career goes back a long way, starting with programmes like The Comic Strip Presents and The Young Ones in the 1980s. With Joanna Lumley she created the unforgettable Ab Fab that ran for five full series.




Her staying power is shown by her hang-in-there Moon in Taurus. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Recently Jennifer has successfully battled breast cancer. She was diagnosed in October 2009 when Pluto, planet of transformation was in flowing aspect to Pluto in her natal chart. This indicates a powerful learning experience. Some cancer patients have said that the disease has actually taught them how to live. Jennifer took a pragmatic approach to her treatment and learned to ‘be’ in the moment, taking one day at a time.


‘There’s no happier place to be. It’s like meditation is for other people.’



Most Cancerians can find life overwhelming at times. This is a hard world for emotional souls and Jennifer has had her share of depression, especially following her illness when the drugs she was on brought her down. However, imagination is always the Crab’s trump card. Like the ocean, with its mysterious depths and multitude of moods, Cancerians have a magical quality and can loose themselves in a fantasy world. The star’s criticisms of reality TV underline her preference for something more creative. For Jennifer Ab Fab was the greatest escape, and she totally adores her role. “When I’m being Eddy and Joanna becomes Patsy, I think there’s no happier place to be, because it is total escape. It must be, for us, like meditation is for other people.” Fans of the series sense this absorption, making the world of Absolutely Fabulous as irresistible as it is hilarious.



The movement of Neptune, planet of dreams, into its own sign of Pisces is good news for Cancerian talents, especially those involving artistic inventiveness. Pisces is a fellow Water-sign, and any planets here have a special effect on the Crab’s sense of adventure and impulse to explore new ground. That is certainly happening for Jennifer now as she plans the forthcoming Spice Girls musical Viva Forever. She needs all her resourcefulness for her task writing the show, which is based on the girl-band’s songs, and is full of a favourite Cancerian theme — lovely memories. As if that wasn’t enough, Jennifer is also busy penning more episodes of Absolutely Fabulous after the 20th anniversary Christmas specials pulled in massive audiences. And then the eagerly awaited Ab Fab movie, set on the French Riviera is in the pipeline for 2013.


In October 2013 Jupiter, planet of good luck and opportunity conjuncts Jennifer’s sun in Cancer, making success for the show and the movie a dead cert. The stars spell it out — we’ll all be rolling in the aisles.


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