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Celebrate Positive Thinking Day September 13th


Positive Thinking Day was started by an American entrepreneur in 2003.  Thinking positive is something that we should all try to do as much as we can because it makes everything so much better.


On this day follow these eight pointers to be positive and see if you can make a new start towards a happier life:
  • Smile
  • Be loving
  • Be grateful
  • Be playful
  • Practice peacefulness
  • Get interested
  • Care for yourself
  • Be kind


Positive Thinking Day is a Thursday.  This is better than a Monday but not quite as good as a weekend day – that’s if you work a five day week.  But whatever your schedule, resolve to be as up-beat today as if it were the first day of a holiday.
Start your day with a smile.  Smile at yourself in the mirror and say ‘This is going to be a fabulous day!’  Smile at everyone you see.  Smile when something crazy happens, smile at yourself if you forget your keys – smile, smile, smile.  What does it matter, anyway?  You can choose to smile and see the lighter side, because it’s always there.


Who do you love?  Dwell especially on the love that is in your heart.  Think of all the adorable qualities of the people you love – these may be your partner, children, relatives or friends.  Picture them in detail and relive moments together.  You may find that when you saturate yourself with feelings of love that tears come into your eyes.  That’s a sure sign you’re ‘feeling’ it, and that very emotion will lift you.
Express your love.  Tell your special people that you love them and do something loving.  Be loving to your pets too, for they give you unconditional affection at all times – today is a day for special pet treats and lots of extra cuddles.


Where love gives out gratitude draws back within.  This isn’t selfish and grasping – it’s quite the opposite.  Love and gratitude create a natural flow of abundance and joy.
Today be especially grateful for all that you have.  If you have been feeling sorry for yourself because you’ve lost your job or your relationship has broken up it may be hard to be grateful but when you think about it, you still have so much.
What about your freedom?  Shelter from the rain?  Your brain, your body, your abilities?  What about the people who care for you, the achievements and experiences you’ve chalked up?  Maybe there is a colourful or comfortable garment, a good book or even Facebook post that brings you joy.  Dwell on your gratitude for blessings, large and small.


When you were a child you learned about the world through play, and you loved every minute.  Play gave you ideas, enthusiasm, motivation – in play everything was possible.  Play stretched your mind and your body but you never noticed because it was fun.
Do something just for fun.  Climb a tree, doodle, play a gentle joke.  You may not think you have time for play but a little of it will go a long way towards making your day zing.


How much peace do you normally get in a day?  If you have a job, family and social life probably none at all.  Even if you live alone, your solitary moments are probably rammed with social media and TV.  You may not realise it but lack of peace drains your soul, making you brittle and on edge.
Schedule ten minutes peace.  If you can get out into Nature, so much the better, but if not, close the curtains, switch off your phone and lock out the world.  Play soothing music and relax your entire body.  Dwell on a pleasing scene or memory.  Just for this short while… just for now… it is safe to forget everything and enjoy your capsule of peace.


What floats your boat?  It might be shopping, reading, walking, running – this should be something you do for pure enjoyment.  It is not as unpredictable or active as play – with absorption you can be in familiar, delightful territory.  However, there may be some overlaps.  Don’t worry – the main thing is to have a good time.
Try to steer clear of all media however.  Media are over-stimulating and can give rise to feelings of envy, fear and other negative emotions.  Get lost in something harmless and realise the happiness it brings.


The fear of being ‘selfish’ haunts so many people.  It may influence you a deep level without you realising it.  It poisons lives and relationships and plays havoc with self-esteem and well-being.  This is because healthy self-care has to come first on the list of all good deeds if what you give and do is pure.  Otherwise your ‘good deeds’ are laced with resentment and account-keeping.
Look after yourself first, then what you do give out will be given joyfully and without restraint, because you know it flows from a full well.  Start filling your ‘well’ today by doing something nice for yourself.  This could be something big, like a spa day, shopping spree or mini holiday.  If time and money are limited, it may simply be a luxurious bath and an early night.  Your self-care could consist of just saying ‘no’ to somebody or something that you’ve felt you ‘should’ agree to.  There are no ‘shoulds’ or ‘oughts’ in proper self-care, and it begins now!


If your self-care is in good condition (see above) kindness costs nothing and brings treasures.  It enriches the one who receives, the one who gives and anyone who witnesses it.
Perform an act of kindness today, or several random acts.  This can be fun and playful too, so doubly heart-warming.  Let Positive Thinking Day spread out and catch on with your kindness.



Smiling, loving, being grateful, playing, peace, getting absorbed, caring for yourself, kindness – you have a list of lovely things to do on Positive Thinking Day that can give you an enjoyable time and maybe a new start.  But if you need some personal attention to set you on your way to greater positivity, help is always at hand.  Call one of our encouraging readers today and see how good your life can become.



PUBLISHED: 05 September 2018

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