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Your birthday has come around and what better time could there be for taking stock.  Remind yourself of your talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead.  In the following article we’ll be looking at Capricorn Horoscope 2016 and enabling you to make the most of it – and yourself!

Good news for you comes in the latter half of the year, when fortunate Jupiter enters your Career House.  Then you must grab every opportunity, look for every opening and be very positive.  Although things may have been difficult there is every chance that you can now be successful and fulfilled.

Control in all areas of your life is very important and you like to feel you have a nest-egg and sound investments working away for you in the background.  With Pluto in your sign all year anything is possible.  Events may surprise you, but you must keep your cool.  Even if something goes wrong, rest assured something amazing awaits around the corner.  Venus and Mars in your Money House in December bring you a welcome opportunity to make up any shortfalls, maximize your earning power and end the year on a note of solvency.

It’s very important to you to know you’re doing what has to be done, working hard and keeping everything in order.  You can be over-dutiful, meaning you don’t give yourself time for hobbies and relaxation.  However, there is an impish, playful alter ego within you, and you have a wonderful, dry humour.

Your yearly horoscope indicates that your best bet in 2016 is to get to know yourself.  Your ruling planet, Saturn, in your House of the Unconscious suggests that you need to probe, understand and put your life on a firmer footing.  This means that self-help seminars, teachings on meditation and mindfulness and some peaceful reflection will bear fruit. 

For sheer playtime, May is wonderful, with Venus in your House of Creativity.  Venus in your own sign in November brightens up the dark days with laughter and emotional warmth, making you realise that relaxation really helps – put it high on your agenda!


Your home is your castle, where you like to feel safe, secure and protected.  Privacy also matters to you, so you can retreat from the eyes of the world and work out your game-plans. 

With Uranus, planet of change and surprise in your House of Home, some disruption is inevitable.  Your yearly horoscope for 2016 shows that you can learn a valuable lesson here.  You may try to be ready for the unexpected, but Uranus manages to bring out the very thing you don’t anticipate!  What’s to be done?  The simple message is to relax and have faith in yourself.  You will find that if you rely on your natural resourcefulness, your practicality and common sense, you can think on your feet and feel much stronger. 

Unexpected repairs may be needed to your home, there may be a house-move on the cards or family members may behave in ways that are unpredictable and challenging – but this is all manageable.  With Mercury in your sign at the end of the year you will feel conscious of your own ability to work things out and find solutions.  The message is that you are a ‘person who can.’


•    career matters – grab every opportunity, follow up every hint of a chance
•    looking inwards – what really makes you tick?  How self-aware are you?
•    thinking on your feet – you may doubt you can do this but you’ll be pleasantly surprised
•    being positive about your own qualities and potential

•    being negative and pessimistic.  This has held you back in the past and 2016 is the year to confront this
•    feeling on edge.  The only thing to fear is fear itself and you have the resources to cope with anything
•    throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Some changes are going to be necessary, but don’t destroy what’s good in the name of progress
•    communications of all sorts.  Confusion is a possibility, so be clear and double-check


At TheCircle we have all you need for Capricorn Horoscope 2016 and yearly horoscopes generally.  This article has given you the heads-up for Capricorn 2016 – we hope it will help and empower you for the year ahead.  Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever be a background sketch.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly Horoscopes are there for you.  Get Free Horoscopes and Psychic insight at TheCircle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert Readers at TheCircle without delay.



PUBLISHED: 5 January 2016

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