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How To Attract a Cancer Woman


Find out about Cancer woman compatibility, the romantic depths of a Cancer woman in love and the typical traits of a Cancer woman with her profession and family.



The Cancer woman is an array of femininity. Positive Cancer woman traits are loving, maternal, patient and kind but she is also known for being overly sensitive, emotional and jealous. A young Cancer woman will often show both the positive and negative sides of her traits, showing vulnerability in certain situations, while a more mature Cancer woman will usually be more settled in life and would have learned how to keep in check her sensitivities. Cancer women are fun, loyal and loving friends and will drop everything to help a friend in need.
She is highly intuitive and often Clairsentient…




The Cancer woman traits mean that she is known for being one of the strongest maternal star signs. While she may be over-protective of her children, partners, friends and anyone she cares about, she will also be able to balance viewpoints, and see a situation from a broader perspective, giving most people the benefit of the doubt. The Cancer woman traits make her somebody who feels emotions deeply, and she dislikes seeing anyone she loves going through pain. She is highly intuitive and often Clairsentient, meaning she can pick up on others emotions, feeling them herself. The nurturing Cancer woman will make others problems, her own problems, in the hope that she can help to find solutions so that everyone lives a peaceful life.
She is driven, focussed and determined and would make a good manager…




Cancer woman are natural carers so a typical Cancer woman profession would be something in the caring industry – a doctor, a nurse or a counsellor would be the most successful career. Cancer women are also good with children and the elderly, making her a supportive carer who will do their ultimate best to care for someone who may be vulnerable. Whilst the Cancer woman is a typical caring sign, she can also be a highly successful career woman. A Cancer woman profession encourages her to be driven, focussed and determined and therefore she would make a good manager, treating her staff fairly and making sure everyone is happy. The Cancer woman profession will often be a career in something which provides well for her family, especially if she has children. She will somehow balance work and home life, making sure everyone is happy, often leaving her own happiness the last to be thought about.
She likes her partners to be a perfect gentleman…




 A Cancer woman is supremely feminine, so she likes to be wooed and to feel that she is special. She likes her partners to be a perfect gentleman, somebody as loving and patient as her and someone who will think about her needs, as well as their own. Cancer woman compatibility is a partner who is kind and thoughtful, she needs reassurance and will not cope well with people who are selfish, inconsiderate or tactless to her sensitivities. While she may initially be attracted to someone who is fun and the life and soul of the party, if this person does not have a deeper connection with her, showing their emotional side, she will quickly lose interest. Promising Cancer woman compatibility is with the following star signs:

  • CANCER – Another Cancer partner has potential for a very successful long-term relationship. Both view family as priority and will understand each other’s sensitive emotions. They help each fulfil their dreams and passion and intimacy will be important to them both.
  • PISCES – Fellow water sign Pisces can be a good match for the Cancer woman compatibility as they are not afraid of expressing their emotions, vulnerability and often have a calm easy-going approach to life. Pisces encourages the sensitive Cancer woman to open up, making a deeper communication between them.
  • CAPRICORN – The opposite sign makes a good Cancer woman compatibility. These two communicate well and could talk in to the early hours of the morning, sharing their life dreams and loves. Capricorn is a natural counsellor, helping the Cancer woman to speak up about her worries and fears.
She loves deeply but will expect the same back from partners…



The Cancer woman loves with all her heart. If a relationship has problems, she will persist in trying to fix it and hang out until the very end. Cancer women are deeply and emotionally connected to whoever they love, but if they are hurt by somebody then they retreat back in to their shell while they work out how to deal with it. She does not forgive easily and will find it difficult to trust those who have betrayed her, but will often put on a brave face to make everyone think she is coping just fine. She loves deeply but will expect the same back from partners. She has a great sense of humour, loves to be sociable and her perfect day is to be surrounded by all her friends, family and children. A Cancer woman is passionate, but she will only get involved with people she thinks have long-term potential.





Are you a Cancer woman or are you in love with a Cancer woman? Sometimes it can be hard to get beneath the Cancer shell armour and understand what she is thinking, or know if she is attracted to you. Speak to our gifted psychics at TheCircle to find out what your future holds for love and relationships. Perhaps your soul mate is just around the corner.



PUBLISHED: 19 July 2016

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