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Cancer Woman Love

Ms Cancer may be a dreamer, but she can also be tenacious in matters of the heart. Cancer is a Water sign, and ruled by the Moon. It comes as no surprise to learn that the emotions of Ms Cancer run deep and strong. Like moonlight on the sea, she can be seductive and enchanting, and like the sea she may be unfathomable. Gentle and feminine Ms Cancer possesses the subtle strength of the ocean, which wears away granite in time.

Perhaps more than any other sign, Cancer is connected to the ancient idea of the Mother Goddess. Ms Cancer comes with Girl Power all the way from the Stone Age. She knows how to use her femininity to get what she wants, and she knows how to keep it. She may be easily hurt or moved to tears, and she may want more love than most people are capable of, but weak she isn’t. Where her interests, or the interests of those she loves are concerned she can be very practical, and despite her gentleness, make no mistake, she will fight if she has to.
Expressions of genuine feeling
Security, she needs it to blossom
Romantic atmospheres
Being protected
Feeling threatened and unsure
Separations from those she loves
Having no-one to look after
It’s Romance with a capital ‘R’ to get Ms Cancer, but don’t expect her to fall into your arms unless she feels secure
A walk in the moonlight, especially by the sea, or a lake, can work magic
Flowers, fragrant ones, by the cart-load
Ask her how she feels, and listen to what she says
Buy her lacy underwear
Show you’ll look after her, open doors, offer her your coat
Let her mother you a bit – you’ll love it!
Remember she rarely likes one-night stands – are you up for a bit of commitment?


ARIES - Cancer will need lots of patience and understanding
TAURUS - Snuggly and more-ish, a delicious duo
GEMINI - Silver-tongued Gemini might get more than he bargains for
CANCER - ‘It’s you and me against the world’ – lighten up!
LEO - Proud Leo loves this lady on his arm, but must be gentle
VIRGO - Works with a practical Virgo, but not a critical one
LIBRA - Cancer wants to snuggle while Libra wants to discuss the relationship – needs effort
SCORPIO - ‘Til death us do part’ – make or break.
SAGITTARIUS - Saggie’s need for freedom can hurt Cancer
CAPRICORN - Stable and satisfying if Cap can find some poetry
AQUARIUS - Too detached for Cancer, although his mind may fascinate.
PISCES -  Hook, line and sinker – potential soulmates
Of course the astrology of a birth sign can only ever be a background sketch, and any two signs can get along together if they put in the effort, for love isn’t controlled by astrology – it just works through it.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and Psychic insight at TheCircle.  If you want to know more about yourself or your love-life, call one of our expert readers at TheCircle without delay.
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