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Ms Cancer can chatter about the weather and shopping as happily as the next person, but she won’t be comfortable with the superficial for long. She prefers a deeper connection, where you hear about each other’s emotions. If she doesn’t go there it could be because she doesn’t trust you. Don’t take it personally – she’s very cautious, and if you give her time you’ll probably get to hear what really matters to her.




The kind of conversation she likes best is when she can tell you all her troubles and anxieties, and receive your understanding and support. She’ll want to hear your woes too, because that means you need her, and she’ll try and help. If she decides you’re her mate she’s always on your side. And she’s not all doom and gloom. Once she’s been ‘heard’ she can be light-hearted, giggly and full of whimsy.



One of her major topics is her family. If she has children, they are top of the list, but she’s usually involved with an extended range of relatives – often needy ones. If she isn’t, then it will be because they’ve hurt her or lost her trust. Don’t be surprised if she sounds cold then. Once she switches off to someone, her balmy waters become icy as a Pacific trench towards them. Her favourite subject could then be her neighbours or ‘family’ of friends.



Cancer loves to reminisce about fun times you’ve had together, and she’ll like looking over old photos and laughing about it all. She also loves to talk through plans for the future – outings you could go on, or maybe her ideas for re-decorating, or being creative. She may well be involved in a caring profession, like nursing. Respecting confidentiality and being business-like is vital to her, but you’ll hear some interesting snippets nonetheless, as long as you promise never to tell!



  • Establishing trust
  • Giving and receiving support
  • Talking about people and things she knows
  • Sharing secrets



  • Too much that’s superficial and impersonal
  • Anything strident and demanding
  • Being criticised or ignored – and this could be all in her head




She hates confrontation and would rather get her own way by roundabout means.  If you argue, make sure it’s worth it, because she takes things very personally and you could lose her love or friendship 
  • It may be hard to draw her out
  • She may sidestep, and try to avoid the issue
  • If you get angry she could get very upset
  • If it’s really important to her, you’ll find that she will fight hard and dirty, once she’s roused
  • Her memory for past hurts and misdemeanours is amazing – brace yourself to be reminded what you did wrong, years ago
  • Show you care about her feelings, or its Game Over – maybe forever
  • An appeal to her sympathies will work best of all
  • Try to make it up with her and talk it all through empathically, or the wounds won’t heal



FACE TO FACE - This is best for she likes the closeness and she can read your expressions

ON THE PHONE - She won’t answer the phone if she isn’t in the mood, but if she does, prepare for a long conversation

E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC - She’s not brilliant with technology – too cold and impersonal. But she’ll use it if she has to, or if it’s a means to an end. She loves her smartphone especially for taking photos, and she’ll choose one that does it well. She’ll send you lots of pics, too

LETTERS - She can be a tad quaint and she may like to send you something you can keep, so don’t be surprised if you get a lovely note

SPEECH-MAKING  Horrors! She hates the thought of standing up in front of strangers. However, if she really knows her subject and can pretend she’s among friends, she can be surprisingly entertaining

PARTIES  She likes parties where she knows most of the people and her favourite party is one she holds, in her own home, welcoming close friends and surrounded by her family.

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