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Cancer Man Love



He’s deep, he’s kind and he’s sensitive, but you might not spot that at first, because he’s great at playing Mr Strong.



Mr Cancer can be a surprising mixture. He’s protective and considerate – his way of treating you like a lady tempts you to hang up your feminism for good, because he mixes it with the kind of empathy you’d hope for in a mate. But it can be a surprise to find out this isn’t a one-way street. The man has feelings, and one thing he wants from you is understanding. He’s as capable as the next guy of acting the Lad and having one-night stands. However, unless there’s something dark in his past that’s damaged him, deep inside he’s looking for the right person to settle down with. Sharing and trust are key, although he won’t open up until he’s sure. Home and family matter to him and Mum is queen. He wouldn’t be so crass as to compare you to her, but if she’s treated him half-decently she’ll be a tough act to follow. Make a friend of her if you want to make him really happy.    


  • Looking after you and having you look after him
  • His feelings being considered
  • A lover from his friendship circle – he plays it safe if possible
  • Lots of cuddles and tactile stuff


  • Coldness – he’ll go into his shell and switch off
  • Teasing and criticism – he’ll take them personally
  • Uncertainty – don’t play too hard to get



He’s very sensuous, but this can still be a bit of a mission. He may be too shy to spot the buying signals, but he still likes to feel he’s taking the lead. 
  • Let him into your world – if he sees your vulnerability he’ll open up…
  • BUT don’t be too needy!  That could make him think you’ll have no room for his needs!
  • Old-fashioned femininity goes a long way
  • Talk about subjects and people that are familiar to you both
  • Cosy up, so it’s easy for him to make that first touch


ARIES - You’ll both need all your patience, although the bond can be strong
TAURUS - Deliciously cosy, although Cancer may feel he’s not getting through
GEMINI - Fascinating, but you’ll have to work hard to understand
CANCER - Heavenly, but don’t shut out the world and be a Gruesome Twosome
LEO - There’s only so much of the Diva he’ll put up with
VIRGO - Can be sexy although she may have trouble empathising
LIBRA - He loves her fairness, but may wish she was more warmly ‘on his side’
SCORPIO - Madly passionate, but there could be lots of manipulation and guilt-tripping
SAGITTARIUS - Such a difficult mix – striving to enter each other’s world could cement you
CAPRICORN - You share priorities and interests, but may battle for control 
AQUARIUS - Once Cancer realises that her quirkiness doesn’t mean she’s unreliable, he could get hooked
PISCES - Perfect, as long as you don’t both get on a downer at the same time
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