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Cancer Man Communications

One of Mr Cancer’s greatest assets is that he actually listens. He wants to pick up the tone of the conversation and tune in to the moods of the people round him. This gives him a big advantage when he really wants to get his point across. Of course he truly is a sympathetic soul, but don’t run away with the idea that he doesn’t have an agenda. Pleasant conversation is his way of getting you on his side.

He may ask you lots of questions – that’s because he wants to know what you’re like and what he’s dealing with.  Is he really interested in your viewpoint?  Yes, but maybe not as deeply as you imagine.  Cancer approaches everything with caution. Only when he’s completely sure of his ground will he make a move or come close to showing his feelings.
That’s a difficult question. He likes to chat with someone interesting and lively, but he doesn’t like it if that person takes over the conversation so he can’t get a word in edgeways. Ask him about his job, how he spends his spare time and questions about his family (for they are probably important to him). He may start to open up, but don’t push him too much too quickly or he could become uneasy.
This man is quite sensitive to all those little clues that we all give out, unconsciously. Even if you’re sounding very jolly and enthusiastic, he’ll spot the tension in your shoulders and react to it. If you’re saying friendly words but leaning slightly away from him, he’ll take that as a message not to come close.  If you’re interested in him and want him to make a move, then make sure your gestures and the way you hold yourself are warm and relaxed. And if you want him to be your friend, make eye contact and shake his hand firmly – he will ‘hear’ that, loud and clear.
  • Learning about you
  • Being listened to
  • A sense of really connecting
  • Knowing what he’s dealing with
  • A bad atmosphere
  • Insincerity – he’ll spot it and be uneasy
  • Confrontation – unless he’s decided to tackle something
Cancer doesn’t like arguing, but if he’s chosen this battle then he’ll have more weaponry than you imagine.  
  • He may feel very emotional about the subject, and it could be essential to him, personally
  • Probably he’s been thinking about the matter and he may come into the argument very well prepared
  • He already knows how you feel, and some of what you’re going to say, and he has answers
  • He’s not above using some emotional manipulation and maybe playing on your sympathies
  • You need to be understanding and reasonable, showing you empathise, to some extent
  • Make sure you express your feelings too – don’t pretend to be totally ‘logical’.
  • Be sincere – he’ll spot any pretence and may confront you with it
  • Hopefully you’ll reach a compromise.  He’s much more likely to do that if he can see you’ve really listened and understood him
FACE TO FACE - He prefers to see your face and he can tell as much from the look in your eyes as from your words.  However, if he feels awkward about anything he may choose other ways of getting through.  This may not be because he wants to avoid you – in reality it could be the opposite.  He could just want to make sure of some facts.
ON THE PHONE - He likes a little light gossip and so he’ll talk on the phone if he feels he’s getting closer, and the rapport between you is growing.  But he’ll get impatient if it goes on for too long, because although he’s sensitive, he’s also a man of action. 
E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC - If he’s a more introverted Cancer he may hide behind technology, but mostly to him it’s a means to an end.  He prefers people to machines.  However, he values any method of keeping in touch with loved ones from a distance.
LETTERS - He understands the value of something tactile and personal that you can keep – because he stores things that are of sentimental value.  You may get a few lines in some circumstances, and a well-chosen card can be relied on, for those special occasions.
SPEECH-MAKING - This may really terrify him and he’ll avoid it at all costs. But if he has to face it, he’ll mug up and practice, so he does it well. Once he’s relaxed enough to tune into his audience, he’ll excel.
PARTIES - He’s not the greatest party animal, unless he’s with his familiar crowd, in which case he’ll really let his hair down. With strangers he can be a tad reserved, until he’s sussed them out. He can get high on the atmosphere, and you’ll see a different side to him.
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