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Cancer in The Zodiac


Are you born under the Cancer star sign? Have you met a Cancer man and want to know what makes him tick? Find out insight to the loving Cancer star sign.


The zodiac sign of Cancer is a water sign and falls between the dates of 21st June to 22nd July. People born under the sign of Cancer are believed to be naturally intuitive, emotional, sensitive and powerful. There is a strong, loving side to Cancers which make them especially good at parenting and most would bend over backwards for family, loved ones and friends. Cancers are loyal and fiercely protective of those they care about, and they are also natural worriers. They are fun, outgoing and energetic, often having masses of friends. If you have a friend who is a Cancer, you will know that you can go to them at any time of day or night and they will listen to you and give you guidance. The symbol of the Cancer star sign is the crab and the birthstone is the beautiful purifying moonstone. 

This loving water sign is as honest as you get…

The Loving Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is often thought of as the perfect example of femininity. Women born under the Cancer star sign are often curvy, very feminine and naturally beautiful. They are strongly maternal, so if they have children then parenthood will be the most important role in a Cancer woman’s life. They can also be maternal towards friends and are always the friend who will live through any difficult times with you. Women born under the Cancer star sign are sometimes known to be over sensitive, because they are kind and patient so they find it difficult to understand anyone who does not work in the same way as her. Cancer women can be jealous or over emotional because they find it difficult to hide their true feelings. You will find that this loving water sign is as honest as you get and hates it when people lie or deceive. She can feel vulnerable, anxious and unsettled at times, especially around the full moon because the moon is her ruling planet. 

He is looking for his queen – a loving woman who he can set up family life with…

The Cancer Family Man

You will be hard pushed to come across a man born under the Cancer star sign who is not a loving family man. While work and business is important to the Cancer man, his family always comes first. He sees himself as the provider, the hunter for his clan and he will go to the ends of the earth and back, to make sure his family are fed, secure and safe. At first glance, the Cancer man may appear shy, but he is a gentleman, a caring, thoughtful and sensitive man who has his priorities in order. The single Cancer man is unlikely to be interested in short-term relationships because from the moment he becomes a young man, he is looking for his queen – a loving woman who he can set up family life with. He is a romantic soul, he will buy you gifts and flowers and he is most likely to be a successful businessman who works hard to earn his living. He may be an entrepreneur, a business owner, or work in high management, because business and management come easily to him. He is fair, a team player and will always do right by the company he works for. 

When a Cancer falls in love, they expect it to last…

In Love with a Cancer Star Sign


If you fall in love with someone born under the Cancer star sign, then you can expect a lot of romance, nights of passion and the likelihood of a long-lasting relationship. When a Cancer falls in love, they expect it to last and they will put plenty of effort into the relationship, because in their mind, they have found their soulmate. However, if a Cancer is hurt by the person they love, they will find it impossible to forgive them. Cancers can be over sensitive, so make sure you always speak kindly and do not criticise. They can also be emotional, so make sure you give them plenty of hugs and reassurance (even if they are angry!). Being loved by a Cancer pretty much guarantees you a partner who will be loyal and loving for life. If you want to start a family and have children, they make great parents, a mother or father who nurtures their children to become strong, independent adults. Cancers are emotional, deep and loving, but they also have a fun, crazy, adventurous side to them that is intriguing and alluring to potential lovers.


What Signs are Compatible with Cancer?

As Cancer’s are an emotional and sensitive sign, they are usually not attracted to loud, crass people! They prefer potential partners to be open, honest and they love someone who is mystical. They see right through people who are fake or who lie, because strong natural instinct warns them off. Potential partners for those born under the Cancer star sign are:
Capricorn lovers will be attentive and open with Cancer’s. They are the natural counsellor so will listen to Cancer when he or she is anxious about something. They are opposite signs of the zodiac, so are a well-balanced match which could have a long-lasting relationship. Not only could this be a good soul connection, but there will also be a healthy physical side to the relationship.
Cancer and Cancer are the perfect match for each other because they will understand each other’s sensitivities and give reassurance when needed. They are both loyal and loving, making very good parents, so it’s likely that they will have a family together. Two Cancer’s together could be a relationship in heaven, so long as they make time to socialise, instead of hiding themselves away in their two-person shell.
Fellow water sign and emotional sign Pisces understands Cancer’s feelings. This relationship will be filled with late night talks, listening to each other and motivating each other to follow their dreams and desires. Pisces are quite spiritual, matching Cancer’s intuitive energies, making this a potentially solid relationship.



Have you recently met someone born under the Cancer star sign and wonder if you’re compatible? Depending on a person’s astrology chart, sometimes compatibility can vary, so although you may not look like an obvious match, you may well be. Discover your most compatible partner with an Astrology reading, or speak to our gifted Readers at TheCircle to find out about your relationship. If you are single and hoping to meet someone soon, then there may be positive insight to love around the corner.




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