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Birthday Virgo



Your birthday has come around and what better time could there be for taking stock. Remind yourself of your talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead.


Your sign is Mutable Earth. The ‘Mutable’ part means you’re adaptable, looking at things from many angles and sometimes changing your viewpoint. The ‘Earth’ element means you’re practical and sensible, keeping your feet on the ground. You’re capable, organised and productive - efficient, yet modest, like the ‘Virgin’ that’s your symbol. However, please note that the original meaning of ‘virgin’ didn’t mean untouched and/or sexually inexperienced. It was about a woman being mistress of herself, not owned by any man. Whether male or female, you also have this quality of self-possession and independence.


We’ve already seen that the ‘virgin’ tag doesn’t mean quite what people may assume. In fact you’re sensual and tactile, making a very sensitive, caring lover. You prefer a stable relationship with someone who can boost your confidence. It’s not always easy for you to speak your feelings but you show them in the considerate, observant way you behave. In relationships you analyse yourself, expecting a lot from yourself and indeed your partner. You aren’t always easy to please. Although you can be totally devoted, there’s always a private little part that you don’t share, and you need your own space.


Confidence is something you struggle with and if you’re not careful you end up in the back room, resenting the leading players that you know would never be where they are without you. To get on, make sure you are well-qualified, because it will boost your self-esteem. Top management positions may be too stressful, but what you serve is key – never settle for cleaning up after someone you don’t respect, because it’ll depress you. You’re not great at delegating. Being a perfectionist you see to all the details yourself.  Conscientious, methodical and helpful, you’re a fab employee. Think of careers in teaching, welfare, office and financial sector, practical crafts and horticulture.


You’re pretty good at this – in fact you might be a tad obsessive, with spreadsheets, calculations and reminders. Being in debt worries the life out of you and you’d rather work, wait and pay up-front.  You think carefully about purchases, getting value for money. With investments you’re mega-cautious, going for safety, never the fast buck. Your only ‘failing’ with money is that you may work for less than you’re worth – don’t sell yourself short.


Often you find greatest fulfillment in hobbies, because your day job may be chosen for pragmatism. You enjoy hands-on pastimes like cooking and gardening. Loving to be well-informed, reading and researching also amuse you. involvement in charity work really fulfills you – your dedication and competence come up trumps. Relaxing is essential, as you can become over-wrought.


You like tidiness and organisation, well-stocked cupboards and gleaming surfaces. However, you may also be a collector – this can result in clutter, but you like to keep it in order, maybe alphabetically or in categories.  Visitors get a warm welcome, a hug and a cuppa, maybe with home-made cake, but if anyone you don’t like comes calling, you might not answer the door!  Your house is a hive of activity, usually with pets, plant-cuttings and piles of magazines – you love that feeling of being busy and worthwhile.


  • Being too critical of yourself, others - and everything
  • Not seeing the wood for the trees – not every detail matters
  • Putting yourself last
  • Hesitating and procrastinating


Saturn in your House of Home and Family makes you even more than usually conscious of your duties and responsibilities.  Sometimes you may feel that you can’t do anything right, but at others you’ll feel deeply satisfied at what you’re building and achieving, materially and emotionally. Uranus in your House of Career brings change, and maybe discontentment – are you really using your talents properly and being appreciated?  An urge for independence may grip you, so explore your options.  Jupiter in your sign is very good news, making you aware of your assets, able to extend your influence, grow as a person and generally feel more confident.  Jupiter brings some good luck too, so as long as you don’t leave behind your common sense, speculating to accumulate should prosper. Be optimistic!
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