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Birthday Leo



Your birthday has come around and what better time could there be for taking stock. Remind yourself of your talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead.


Your sign is Fixed Fire. The ‘Fixed’ part means you are constant and steadfast, able to hold your own whatever the circumstances. The ‘Fire’ element makes you dynamic and inspirational, with lots of enthusiasm. You love to be the centre of attention, admired for what you do, and you like to entertain and amuse people. There’s a playful aspect to your character – however dignified you are you retain that bouncy side. This is just like your symbolic animal, the lion, and all you have to do is watch Mufasa and Simba in The Lion King to see so much that applies to you. Idealistic, proud, straightforward and joyful, you radiate a positive influence all around.


You are a very passionate and whole-hearted person, and when you fall in love you give everything. Despite your apparent confidence, you can be surprisingly vulnerable because you are trusting and open, only seeing the good side of your lover. If you are deceived you find it hard to believe and you may be utterly crushed – but not for long! Soon your sunny nature shines through again. You’re faithful and supportive to your partner, but you can be bossy! You need someone you can be proud of, and who stands up to you.


A sense of importance matters to you, so don’t ever think of a back-room career, unless you have a very good reason – and other outlets for your creativity. You are great at seeing the Big Picture, and have skills as a manager and entrepreneur. Responsibility and recognition are essential – and an assistant to sort out the boring details is a must. Government posts, publicity, teaching, acting or directing for stage and screen, work in TV or the priesthood could all suit you. Your personality, as much as your qualifications, will bring you success. 


Hmm – this is a difficult area. On the one hand being in debt hurts your pride. On the other, not having those designer labels and flash success-symbols is uncomfortable too. In general you have strength and self-discipline, but you can get carried away. It’s important to start on the right foot, working for what you have, rather than getting tangled up with interest payments. You have financial flair and can make inspired investments if you are also sensible.


Often you need more razzamatazz than your day-job provides, so pep up your spare time with amateur dramatics, art, sport and travel. You would make a fantastic after dinner speaker, talking about your experiences. You also need regular down-time, to recharge your batteries, preferably with a little sunshine.


You love giving guests a warm welcome to your home. This will be as impressive as you can provide, maybe with valuable works of art and plush furnishing – but unless you can afford a cleaner the dust may be swept under the sofa!  Family matters to you greatly, and if you have children and/or pets, you take great pride in them. You love the thought of a happy little dynasty, with you at the head of it.


  • That you don’t become conceited and dogmatic
  • Being bossy and patronising – other people have their own self-esteem, so build them up too
  • Demanding too much attention
  • Too much hedonism, because enjoying yourself isn’t everything


Saturn in your House of Creativity, Romance and Recreation brings a sobering influence. Some schemes will prove disappointing, but on the other hand those that work, work well. Uranus in your House of Travel and Exploration brings plenty of excitement – think of studying something totally new or visiting remote, exotic locations. Currently Jupiter in your sign brings success and optimism and the good news continues after mid-August, when he moves into your House of Possessions, bringing you money luck, as long as you are not careless. So maximize your investments and push out your boundaries over the next twelve months – and have fun!
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