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Choose The Best Gift For Each Star Sign This Christmas


Christmas is all about giving, but it can also be about a lot of stress and worry!  What can you give your loved one to put a big smile on their face?  The answer is in the stars, so check out our sign-by-sign guide and shop with confidence.




Your Aries is probably competitive, so anything that gives them a chance to win at their favourite sport or activity would light their fire.  Sports gear, a gym subscription or a voucher for something daredevil like wing-walking could appeal.  Aries rules the head, so think funky hats and hair-slides.  These are active folk, so find out their hobbies and give them something absorbing to do.
ARIES ME-TIME GIFT Organise a fresh challenge for the New Year to keep you inspired.
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL – Take the frustration out of gift-buying by giving everyone tokens and a big smile.


Bulls love creature comforts and so they’re quite easy to buy for.  Lotions, potions, perfume and pampering – Taurus just loves it! Chocolates are always acceptable and a voucher for a meal at a top restaurant will delight!  Silky underwear, snuggly sweaters and cuddly scarves will make them feel loved.  Appeal to their green fingers with some spring bulbs to plant.
TAURUS ME-TIME GIFT –  Book a luxury treat for yourself just in case your loved ones get it wrong!
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL – You’re a patient soul, so remember this if others aren’t as easy to please as you


Geminis like to be up with all the latest gossip and gadgets.  If you’re splashing out on something special it may be best to let them know in case they buy it for themselves first!  Try the latest best-seller or unusual phone app.  Gloves, accessories, the latest smartphone or magazine subscription are all Gem delights.
GEMINI ME-TIME GIFT –After Christmas plan a complete change of some sort – an educational mini-break would be perfect.  
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Don’t change your mind once you’ve given your pressie list out!


Sentimental and emotional, Crabbie’s love to be loved.  Show you cherish shared memories with photos and mementoes.  Cancer would rather have something small that shows you care then an extravagant gesture.  Jewellery, cookery books, themed tee-shirts and personalized items are ideal.
CANCER ME-TIME GIFT –Book a January mini-break somewhere beside the sea, to keep you cheerful. 
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Make a resolution that you won’t brood if Christmas doesn’t go to plan.


Save your pennies because Leos like drama and delightful surprises.  It’s not that they’re materialistic – they just love feeling special.  Gold, diamonds, a Rolex watch or cashmere sweater should make them smile.  If you can arrange a meeting with their favourite celebrity they will love you forever
LEO ME-TIME GIFT – Look forward to a West End show to cheer your New Year.  
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Always try and appreciate the little things – not everyone has your taste.


Ask a Virgo what they want and they’ll say something small, like a diary.  Take no notice!  Show you understand their need for organization with original calendars, desk-tidy or grooming kit.  Their health preoccupies them, so consider a therapy voucher or aromatherapy set.  A herb-growing kit would be perfect.
VIRGO ME-TIME GIFT –  Reserve a New Year weekend for a good sort out.  
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL -Set yourself the goal of not criicising anything over Yuletide.  Calm yourself with a potter in the garden. 


This sign can be hard to buy for, because they’re too polite to ask.  Notice what they’ve actually used and enjoyed from last year and keep to the theme.  They love culture in one form or other, so think vouchers for exhibitions and galleries.  It’s a rare Libra who doesn’t love music, so tickets for their fave band or ITunes token.  Beauty products and fragrance are reliable standbys.
LIBRA ME-TIME GIFT – Make it a gorgeous Christmas for you with a beauty parlour treat.
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Don’t worry too much about getting the right thing for others.  It really is ‘the thought that counts’.


Keep your nerve when buying for Scorpio.  They may be hard to read and easy to offend, but they truly appreciate loving thoughtfulness.  Ignore them if they say ‘Don’t bother about me’ and select something that will intrigue them, such as a Murder Mystery experience or psychic reading.  A quality belt, leather bag or sexy underwear are good stocking-fillers. 
SCORPIO ME-TIME GIFT – Book yourself a sensuous full body massage and slip off in secret
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL -Try not to read too much into what people buy and put mistakes down to stress.


Saggies have a reputation for being cheerful and off-hand, but they can also be deeply thoughtful.  You can appeal to their sense of humour with jokey gadgets and witty books but they may equally love a meditation app or tickets for a talk.  Their tastes may be ethnic and Bohemian, so bright scarves and beads could be fun. 
SAGITTARIUS ME-TIME GIFT –Promise yourself an exotic holiday.
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Make sure you don’t giggle at presents unless they’re meant to be funny and remember the sensitivities of others when choosing yourself.


Capricorns have a sentimental streak, so even if they ask for something useful, give them whimsical extras that appeal to their sense of tradition, such as an old watch or intriguing antique.  If you understand their dry humour make their lips tweak with joke books or a ticket to see their favourite comedian.  These capable folk are also sensuous, so lotion and massage oil will please them. CAPRICORN ME-TIME GIFT - Go off and make your ‘To do’ list in private, with your choice of treat and tipple.
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Others don’t always want useful presents so when buying gifts remember that delight matters more than durability.  If you feel a bit ‘Bah – Humbug’ remember it’s people’s feelings that matter.


Head for the charity shop.  It’s a rare Aquarian that won’t be delighted by something wacky that’s also benefitted the world.  If all else fails, a card that says you’ve pledged £10 towards goats for a family in Ghana should make them feel good.  Something quirky, such as socks in a three-pack or anything made from recycled anything, or a tree to plant in the New Year.
AQUARIUS ME-TIME GIFT - Whatever the weather, gift yourself with fresh air to blow away the tinsel.
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Charity begins at home.  Be nice to your nearest and dearest even if you think they’re being wasteful.


Mermaids and Mermen can’t help hoping that Santa is real, whatever age they are, so play to their love of enchantment by taking them to magic grottos and fantasy films.  Shower them with crystals, oracle cards, soft slippers and joss sticks.  Their mission in life is to lose themselves in Fairyland so think wine, whimsy and wonderful fiction by their pet authors.
PISCES ME-TIME GIFT – Generate magic yourself with creative visualization and positive thinking books.  
MAKE CHRISTMAS PEACEFUL - Ground yourself by passing time with animals and don’t spend too dosh much pleasing others.  Please yourself!



We’ve looked at how to please each of the signs, to make Christmas easier, but stress often creeps in regardless.  Don’t worry.  When it all gets too much our supportive Readers are always available, with insight and advice.  Don’t let the tension build – the best present you can give yourself will be a Reading, so book one without delay.


PUBLISHED: 13 December 2018



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