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Your Sign's Guide to Banish the Autumn Blues


It’s that time of year again – all the fun seems to be over, the sunshine disappears and there doesn’t seem to be very much to look forward to.  Don’t let it get to you – there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Autumn as long as you tune in to what makes you happy.


ARIES – there was so much you wanted to do, but now the opportunities seem to have passed you by and you feel disappointed and grouchy.  BRIGHTEN UP by setting yourself new goals.  Don’t brood on what you could have done – launch yourself at something fresh without delay.

TAURUS – those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, how you love all those sensuous experiences!  You’re in danger of turning into a sloth…. BRIGHTEN UP by booking a spa day, or a weekend mini-break.  Having something indulgent to look forward to will keep you smiling!

GEMINI – the great thing about the lighter evenings was that something always seemed to be happening.  Dull, dark and samey sends you up the wall!  BRIGHTEN UP - you may have to put a bit more work into staying lively, but it’s not that difficult.  Fill your diary with interesting events and people.

CANCER – it was lovely to have friends and family around but that ‘togetherness’ vibe is waning as everyone gets swept away by school, uni or job.  Aw! BRIGHTEN UP by planning a big gathering of the clans for Halloween, November 5th, and Christmas of course.  Once winter’s under way you’ll enjoy getting snuggly. 

LEO – you’re a sun-worshipper and having everything bright and vibrant helps you believe in yourself.  Why is it that doubts are clouding the picture?  BRIGHTEN UP by focusing on self-expression.  Do more of what you do well.  Joining a drama group could be amazing.

VIRGO – all the worries you’ve been trying so hard to keep at bay could rush back stronger with the long nights and your mood gets gloomy and stressy.  BRIGHTEN UP with a new craft project and spending time gardening or with animals – they can show you how to enjoy life, whatever the weather!

LIBRA – tanned skin, trendy clothes and the sound of laughter, everything seems so good when the weather’s fine.  But now your worst nightmare, loneliness, seems a tad closer.  BRIGHTEN UP by joining new clubs where you can make friends and socialize.  Keep in touch with old ones by skype and email – it’s not all over!

SCORPIO – in summer your privacy can be invaded, so you may look forward to autumn, only to find your mood slumps, and you aren’t sure why.  BRIGHTEN UP with a little self-analysis.  Be honest – what aren’t you happy with?  Make a resolve that your life will be transformed by next spring and that sense of purpose will boost you.

– for a few months adventure has seemed just around the corner, but now you’re more hemmed in and you long for new experience.  BRIGHTEN UP by booking a winter break.  Travel is often cheaper in the off season.  Go somewhere crazy or off the beaten track and let the excitement grip you.

CAPRICORN – it’s easier to feel optimistic when it’s warm and cheerful, but as the shadows gather, that pessimism can steal over you again.  BRIGHTEN UP – don’t agonize!  Organize!  Plan your next strategy for success and affluence and turn worry time into action time.

AQUARIUS – you love the freedom that the long, light days offer and you fear you’ll get cabin fever as the nights draw in.  BRIGHTEN UP – it’s quite possible to be outdoors whatever the weather, so get kitted up.  Find an idealistic cause to get involved in and you won’t notice the season anyway!

PISCES – as summer dies it can feel like your dreams die too, and all the ills of the world settle on your shoulders.  Then negative fantasies take over…BRIGHTEN UP by doing acts of random kindness!  Make someone else’s day and you’ll make your own week.  Not that many good deeds to go until it’s Spring again!

We can all feel a bit down when we say goodbye to the sunshine, but sometimes ordinary cheer-up methods don’t work and depression can take over.  Don’t let yourself get to that point.  Our supportive readers at The Circle are always on hand with insight and advice, so get in touch without delay.

PUBLISHED: 8 October 2014

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